Easy Tips For A Perfect Red Lip

February 2, 2015
Easy Tips For A Perfect Red Lip

A red lip product is one of the easiest ways to attract attention to those luscious, big lips. They are usually a little more difficult to apply since they can bleed, stain, and need a steady hand to be applied almost perfectly (unless you’re into over-drawing your lips, not that there’s anything wrong with that).

Before you embark on applying your red lipstick this weekend, read through our simple tips which make the process look so much easier!

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For a clean, smooth base, it is important to exfoliate the skin on your lips. Use a clean toothbrush and lightly massage over your top and bottom lips in circular motions. This helps to remove those dead skin cells, and also increases circulation, making them look fuller!


Right after exfoliating your lips, apply a nourishing moisturiser onto the entire surface. Choose a matte formula which won’t make your lips feel too rough, and will dry almost instantly. This is a crucial step since most darker lip colours have the tendency to completely strip the lips of their natural oils.


If you’re applying a dark lip for the first time, use a lip liner to carefully highlight the perimeters of your mouth. Make sure the point is sharp, then start from the middle and line your lips outwards. You also have the option of highlighting the cupids bow (little area between your top lip), or completely drawing over it.


Whether you want to use a stick, pencil, stain, or wet gloss, to add some colour to your lips, concentrate the product in the middle of your lips. This makes it much easier to distribute the product, and can be cleaned up easily if you make a mistake.


This doesn’t need to be an option if you already have full-looking lips, but is a great way to non-surgically enhance them. Take a sharp white liner, and lightly colour the inside of your lips. Blend it slightly with your finger to create the illusion of depth.


To avoid your lip colour from bleeding outside of your lips, it is important to set it with powder. Cover your lips with a tissue, then lightly dust some translucent loose powder over the top. This will help with any fall-out, and will keep your colour lasting for hours – even if you’re eating or drinking!

Do you have any tips for a red lip?

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