Easy Tips For Potty Training

May 19, 2014
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Toilet training your child doesn’t have to be a painful experience for you, or for them. Toddlers are transitioning into a new period in their lives, and working through potty training with patience and optimism is the best way to make it work. Once you’ve commenced the process of toilet training, be aware that any progress may take a few weeks to show, until children begin to understand what is required of them. Sticking to a routine is the best way to give your child an easy transition from nappies to the potty.

When are they ready?

Children are usually toilet trained from the age of two, although some kids are ready earlier or later than this age. Generally the number one sign is when children become more independent with various tasks, and tell you in one way or another when their nappy is full and are ready to be changed. A number of factors are important when one considers toilet training their child. Most daycare facilities prefer if children are toilet trained, so make sure you have enough time to train your child before they head off to daycare.

The potty

The first step is picking out a potty for your child. Try to involve them as much as you can in the process, and let them pick out something with a design that they like. There are many different colours, patterns and cartoon characters which are fun for children to interact with. The more they grow accustomed to it, the less they will become afraid of it.


Sticking to a daily routine is the best way to get children to adjust to any new feature in their lives. Include the potty in conversation, and make it something which is accessible to children at any time of the day. Start with getting children on the potty when they wake up and go to sleep, and they will start to wander off and do it themselves in no time.

Remind them when it’s time to go

Children can get sidetracked extremely fast, and this could lead to accidents when they’re starting out. Gently remind or ask them if they need to go, and they will more than likely say yes. Pretty soon they will be able to identify when to go themselves, without being asked. If your child does have the occasional accident, don’t be angry or get them into trouble. They’re just starting out, so be sure to let them know next time to use the potty.


Create a chart and document the amount of times your child uses the potty in a day, week or month. Use fun stamps and stickers to show them how much they have achieved without a nappy. This positive reinforcement will not only make children feel good about themselves, but also excited about the reward they would receive for their wonderful behaviour.

Do you have any tips from potty training your toddler?

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