Easy Ways To Travel On A Budget

Felicia Sapountzis

Planning your next trip but don’t exactly want to break the bank on just the airfare alone? There are many different ways to travel around the world without using up all your hard-earned cash. From booking hotels, or even eating out, below are just a few suggestions to have the best trip at a great price.

Do your research

One major way to save some money is to avoid staying or eating at tourist-targeted facilities. Most of these places are not only a rip-off, but take advantage of travellers since they are new to the city or country. Make sure to do your homework before booking that trip, and write an extensive list of places to go and also to avoid before you jet off.

Travel off-season

If you can easily get the time off work, it is cheaper to travel in the off-season since prices are often more affordable. If you’re travelling to Europe, this means that it’s best to make the visit during the months between October and April. These seasons see a lot less travellers which is also better for those who wish to still see the world without a large price-tag attached.

Travel deals

Many countries in Europe offer cheap tickets if you choose to pass-through via train, instead of flying. Interrailing is a popular way to visit almost every inch of Europe without spending too much money. Tickets are extremely affordable and passes can range anywhere from $56-$390 for a global 10 day trip.


Youth hostels are very popular alternatives to hotels since they are cheaper and more affordable if you choose to stay in one place for a limited amount of time. Accommodations don’t necessarily have to be considered first-class to make your stay worthwhile, so find somewhere safe and cost efficient to leave your luggage and also stay the night.

Use guidebooks

Pre-plan your trip with a guidebook which will not only help you around the city, but also give a rough idea of how much things cost. Most are usually equipped with useful local lingo which is important if you’re travelling through numerous cities in a short amount of time.

Use phonecards

Rather than wasting your money with international calls to loved-ones back at home, simply purchase a local phonecard for each city you visit. This will not only be cheaper in the long-run, but also won’t allow you to be carried away during a phone call since they are capped at a certain price. Easy to find since they are sold at almost every news stand.

Pay in cash

Although using a credit card can usually offer a good exchange rate, pay with cash since most local shops or stalls only accept money as a payment method. Always carry some type of cash on you, just in case of emergencies or if you can’t access your cards.

Travel in groups

Even if you’re travelling with a partner or in a large group, it is best to stick together. Not only will this be safe, but will save you all a lot of money on food, accommodation, and transport costs. Many tours still charge people travelling on their own a small fee anyway.

Ask for a discount

It depends where exactly you are shopping or staying, but many times asking for a deal or cheaper price will often save you some money. This works well especially if you’re buying from a small shop or stall, or staying at a countryside hotel with a group of people.

Image via Travel Blat