How To Eat Less Salt

September 14, 2014

Did you know that cutting down your average intake of salt could improve blood pressure, lead to a slimmer waist-line and even decrease your risk of heart disease or stroke? Many foods are already swimming in loads of salt, so remember that it’s best to leave it to the side and enjoy only a recommended intake if you want to stay healthy.

How to decrease your intake of salt?

Low-salt foods

Cutting out the amount of salt you eat per day, week or month all begins in the supermarket. Look out for everyday foods packed with way too much salt which are probably doing you more harm than good. Read the labels carefully, and go for reduced-salt foods, drinks and condiments.

Cook with less

It is a known fact that cooking from scratch is a healthier (albeit longer) way to enjoy your meals. Constantly adding salt to your meals to give them flavour isn’t the best way to enjoy a long and healthy life – so try and cut out this behaviour from a young age. One way is to use black pepper, natural herbs and spices as a seasoning instead of salt or sea-salt.

Make your own gravy, pasta sauce and stock since you will have complete control over the amount of salt in each recipe.

Eating out

Enjoying a meal at a restaurant or café is an unavoidable part of life. Don’t always restrict yourself when it comes to food, since this will almost always lead to binge-eating. It is best to enjoy all foods – but in moderation, and also keep informed about the types of ingredients that make up some of your favourite fast-foods and takeaways.

Pizza and pasta dishes: Choose vegetable and protein options without the copious amounts of cheese added over the top. With pasta, it is best to choose one type of sauce (such as tomato), rather than something like a carbonara.

Sandwiches: Try and choose the vegetarian option or substitute lots of salty spreads with avocado. Pass on cheese and cheddar seasoning which is only packed with salt and empty calories, creating that bloated feeling in your stomach.

Chips: Think again when adding an extra layer of sea-salt or even chicken salt to your fries. Most chips are already packed with salt when they’re served.

Rice: If given the option, always choose plain, boiled rice. This is a much healthier option when compared to egg fried rice.

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