Eat More Fat And Lose Weight?

September 4, 2012

Want to lose weight, improve brain health, and reduce the risk of diabetes and blood pressure? Two diet experts say we should eat a high fat diet…but put down that burger, here’s what they recommend we eat every day.

Two highly acclaimed experts, Professor Jordi Salas Salvado and Dr Emilio Ros, say the science shows a traditional Mediterranean diet enriched with a 30g handful of mixed nuts a day, or a litre of olive oil a week, offers far greater protective qualities than a low-fat diet.

Their key findings after nine years of research are a Mediterranean diet enriched with a handful of nuts a day can:

• Reduce the risk of diabetes by 52%

• Reduce blood glucose levels and blood pressure

• Reduce obesity measures (BMI and waist circumference)

• Improve brain health

Try these ideas to get your 30g serve of nuts every day:

• Toss roasted pistachios through a salad of roasted pumpkin, spinach and avocado

• Blend almonds, milk, yoghurt and ice cream to make a delicious smoothie

• Dry roast cashew and sprinkle over a Thai beef salad

• Try hazelnut in a chilli pasta pasta

• Crumble macadamias into your next risotto

• Add roasted pine nuts to a frittata with tomato and feta

Have you tried the Mediterranean diet?

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