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March 11, 2010

If you’re feeling a bit tired, swollen and bloated salmon could be the answer!

Don’t care for surgery or expensive anti-ageing creams? The most enjoyable and easy beauty solution could be in your fridge!

Tassal’s Tasmanian Atlantic salmon is an excellent low calorie, high protein source containing Astaxanthin – a powerful anti oxidant that effectively slows down the aging process by protecting cells against harmful free radicals thus reducing “invisible swelling”.

According to leading dietician Lisa Hughes, “Atlantic salmon contains essential and powerful fatty acids like Omega-3, which humans do not naturally produce, but must consume. Symptoms of deficiency include redness, dryness and scaling of skin.”

Tasmanian Atlantic salmon is an excellent source of Vitamin E and Co-enzyme Q10, which is found in many leading (and expensive) skincare products and anti-wrinkle serums.

And the best news is, eating Tasmanian Atlantic salmon, grown exclusively in the pure, pristine waters of Tasmania by Tassal, regularly can make you feel and look better in just three days!

So why not integrate it into your diet with these delicious recipes?


Whisk eggs, salmon, asparagus, tomato and chives into an omelette mixture and add to medium pan with olive oil. Stir until lightly scrambled.


Crush avocado and make into spread. Spread over sourdough and place
rocket and salmon on top.


Pan fry salmon in a pan for approximately 4 minutes on each side.
Steam vegetables and chick peas for 3 – 5 minutes until tender.
Plate with salmon and squeeze over lemon.

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