The Most Effective Back Workouts

October 8, 2014

Working out your back isn’t something most women think about, but it is an important part of a daily or weekly routine. Not only will it help to improve your overall posture, but can honestly change the way you look and feel!

Follow these workouts for a better looking back in no-time, minus the pain.

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This easy workout will reduce any strain on your arms and back, but also helps to realign your hips and spine. Just remember to give your body a good stretch before starting out.

The Most Effective Back Workouts

Start on your hands and knees, then lift your head and make sure your back is concave. Get back into the cat position by tucking in your tailbone and extending your head upwards on the exhale.

The Most Effective Back WorkoutsBridge pose

Lie down on your back with feet firmly on the floor. Naturally, your back will rise upwards, and this is the best way to keep your arms and palms flat on the floor.

The Most Effective Back WorkoutsOn the inhale, press your feet and palms downwards, and your knees should begin to form a diagonal. Lower your spine on the exhale and repeat this entire process 6 times.

Extended leg pose

This exercise is perfect for stretching out your hamstrings, and strengthening your abs and core muscles.

Lie down on your back, and keep your knees tightly bent. As you exhale, bring your knees towards your chest, then hug and release it upwards.

Butterfly pose

Not only does this exercise aim to strengthen your back muscles, but it also works on abs, inner thighs, and even the pelvic floor. Perfect if you want to nail a few workouts but you’re pressed on time.

The Most Effective Back WorkoutsLie down on your back, and press the soles of your feet together. Try and keep your knees as close to the floor as possible. Inhale then press your legs tightly together, before repeating the step 6 times.

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