How Effective Is The Raw Food Diet

May 2, 2014
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Eating clean seems to be the new diet trend from celebrities and Instagrammers going 80/10/10 at a bid to feel healthier and lose weight. One of the most popular ways to adapt this eating plan into your diet is by eating 80% raw-vegan, 10% healthy fats and 10% protein. This ensures that your body gets most of its nutrients and energy from fruits and vegetables, and won’t rely heavily on meat and processed food. Although how healthy is this diet?


Since a large portion of meals on the raw food diet include fruits, vegetables and plants, they are more likely to become repetitive since there isn’t much variety. Fruits are seasonal so aren’t available all the time if you’re choosing to go organic. As a result, meals would consist of a large portion of just one fruit of vegetable as the ‘main course’ and smaller servings of protein or healthy fats as a side dish.

High sugar

This diet might be low in calories, but extremely high in carbohydrates and natural sugar which could be catastrophic to your health. Eating large quantities of fruits can make your blood sugar feel like a roller coaster ride; so you constantly feel hungry and unsatisfied, which in the long run won’t help you lose any weight.

Low calories

Most organic produce is low in calories which requires you to eat larger portions to feel sustained after every meal. This means eating large meals is one of the best ways to get in all your nutrients. Think supersized portions of fruits and vegetables or juices to keep you feeling full.

Green lifestyle

The raw food diet is a good example of altering bad food habits and adapting a greener lifestyle into your diet. Fruits and vegetables have many healing properties that aid to naturally detox and cleanse the body, many of which you can grow in your own garden. Cucumbers, red capsicums, and citrus fruits are just a few unprocessed foods anyone can incorporate into their diet to feel more ‘green.’


Although you can choose to grow your own fruits and vegetables in your own backyard, take into consideration that 80% of your diet is coming from organic produce that has a limit before it can no longer be consumed. The pantry must constantly be restocked, and raw food doesn’t exactly come cheap.

Time efficient

Meals are easier to prepare since they are readily at hand, and don’t require cooking. The belief is that fresh and unprocessed food leads to optimum health since a high-enzyme diet helps the body to digest food in an efficient way.

The raw food diet has just as many benefits as it does problems. Fitting this into your lifestyle should be a reflection of your age, health and dietary requirements.

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Keywords: diet, raw food, health, raw food diet, 80/10/10, fruit, vegetables

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By Felicia Sapountzis

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