How Effective Is ‘The Zone’ Diet?

July 3, 2014
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You’ve most likely heard about ‘The Zone’ diet since it’s used by celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston and Madonna to achieve a toned and slender physique. Some main guidelines from this diet show that users follow strict portions of 40 per cent carbohydrates, 30 per cent protein and 30 per cent fat, otherwise known as the 40-30-30 diet. Although how does this diet differ from other popular eating plans out there on the market, and how does it take into account your hormones for increased weight loss.

How does it work?

The Zone Diet was created by biochemist Barry Sears by eating food portions which control proper hormone balance. He suggests that inflammatory chemicals, also known as eicosanoids, are released when the insulin levels inside the body are not in the correct proportion. This leads to diabetes, gaining weight over a short period of time and even gastric bleeding. The Zone Diet was then created to even out hormones within the body by eating carbohydrates, protein and fat in controlled moderation.

How does it differ to other diets?

Rather than putting The Zone into the same category as the Atkins Diet (limiting the consumption of carbohydrates altogether), The Zone diet simply states that all foods should be eaten in moderation. This is necessary since whatever food we put into the body could ultimately shift our hormone balance and lead to weight gain, poor skin and many other health problems later in life. The diet was also moderated for vegetarians with soy-based substitutes who also wanted to follow the diet but remain faithful to their eating habits.

No strict guidelines

Everything is eaten in moderation, but states that foods high in fat such as grains, starches and pasta should be kept to a minimum. The best way to visualise a meal using this eating plan would allow users to eat mostly low-fat protein with the rest of the meal consisting of mostly fruits and vegetables. As always, light exercise is encouraged for overall good health.

Time consuming

The diet can get quite complicated since most portions are controlled to achieve a healthy hormone balance and weight loss. Investing in a guide book is a good idea if you’re serious about making the change. It will make it easier to create meal plans and will advise how much protein, carbohydrates and fat you will need for every single meal.

The Zone Diet seems like a good way to maintain your weight by directly accessing your hormone balance. Although, it does make mealtimes less enjoyable since everything is so calculated and leads to less variety. The best way to maintain your weight is by eating foods in moderation, exercising and treating yourself every now and again.

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By Felicia Sapountzis

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