Electric Nail Drills for home and business

March 31, 2010

Are you serious about keeping your nails in top condition, or are you run a manicure and pedicure business or do a lot of manicures or pedicures for your friends? You’d better think about investing in an electric nail drill. These drills come in all sizes and types, and it may be difficult for you to find the one that you need, or that fits best with your particular situation.

Depending on what type you buy, electric nail drills can be quite expensive, and it is best to do a lot of research before you decide on which one to buy. You may want your nail drill to be of the best quality that will fit your budget and perform all of the functions that you need it to do, either for yourself or your friends or customers.

For home use, you can usually buy a good quality nail drill machine for under $100, and sometimes for less than $50. All those electric nail drills can be found at Getbetterlife.com. Even if you will only be using your nail drill at home, you still want it to perform a lot of different functions. Your nail drill should be able to work on both fingernails and toenails, and should be able to work on batteries as well as with a power cord, and it should have several different types of attachments. You will need attachments for doing nail filing, nail buffing, acrylic nail procedures, and even nail polishing.

After you have purchased your electric nail drill, you need to practice with it quite a bit before you do any major nail procedures. Start with the easier procedures such as buffing and polishing before you go on for nail filing or acrylic nail jobs. After you’ve gotten good at these procedures, go on to nail filing and acrylics, but use yourself as the first model before you use it in your business or even on your friends’ nails. People will appreciate that you did this. Even if you have graduated from beauty school and know all there is to know about manicures and pedicures, you have to get to know the nail drill that you bought, since each drill can be a little bit different. There are drills that are different weights, and that have different handles and different attachment types, and you will want to become familiar with all of these things.

Electric nail drill kit: www.getbetterlife.com/

Source: www.getbetterlife.com

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