Elle Macpherson inspired by Coco Chanel

July 26, 2010

Elle gets her inspiration from Coco Chanel

The 47-year-old Aussie beauty recently revealed she believes the secret to looking stylish is being comfortable with yourself. She explained: “Coco Chanel once said that unless you are comfortable you are not stylish.

“Being completely comfortable in what you wear and who you are, that is true style.”

Although she does still worry that she goes into “model mode” when she is around cameras. The Australian supermodel admits she tried to take a back seat to the contestants when fronting UK TV show ‘Britain’s Next Top Model’ but struggled to keep her vanity in check.

She said: “I’m a neutral mentor because I believe the show should be about the girls and no one else. “The thing I found most difficult was when there were six or seven cameras around and I automatically go into model mode.

“Yet I shouldn’t be worried about what I look like – I really have to worry about what the girls look like.”

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