Elle Macpherson’s Personal Trainer Talks Exercise

June 29, 2010

Elle Macpherson’s Personal Trainer Talks Exercise

Elle Macpherson says “there is literally nobody better in the world than James for getting a woman’s body into amazing shape” and who are we to argue? James Duigan has just written Clean & Lean Diet, sharing his tips on how to eat healthy, eliminate the toxins from your life and get the most out of your exercise regime.

Is it best to exercise 3 times a week for 30-45 minutes or everyday for 20 minutes? What about level of intensity of that exercise? Does a 20 minute walk count?

In my experience it is better to do something every day. And everything counts. The smarter you train, the more effective it will be on your body. Look for big movement patterns that work lots of muscles and combine them in a metabolic circuit to really maximise fat burning and improve your posture.

Does it get harder to lose weight as we get older or is that a myth?

It is true that your metabolism slows down and that hormones can play a part in the fat burning process. This doesn’t mean to say it has to be difficult. With the right program of movement and nutritional protocols you can see fast and dramatic transformations in your health and your figure. I work with quite a few women over 40 who have experienced amazing body transformations just by fine tuning their diet and exercise routines.

What is your favourite exercise for a flatter stomach

My favourite exercise for a flat tummy is not eating donuts. Cutting out wheat is a really good start. Then I would move onto doing a plank – lying face down on the floor, up on your elbows and toes and holding for a minute. This is a great way to engage the tummy muscles and keep them flat.

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