Elle offending Brits taste in Lingerie

November 25, 2003

Elle offending Brits taste in Lingerie

Back in business after a short respite in a US clinic, Elle Macpherson now appears to be suffering from a severe care of foot in mouth disease, with her recent comments about the Poms and their supposed lack of imagination in the lingerie department. Not a cunning marketing move, Elle, when you’re trying to launch your undies brand to the UK? The supermodel and mum told a NZ TV crew that she is responsible for getting the stuffy Poms into some more slinky undergarments “It has taken me some time to re-educate the English. They’re not known for their lingerie bravado. They are not really a country that has a reputation for changing their underwear very often.” Hopefully Elle is not considering a career in diplomatic relations anytime soon!

Wedding hint from Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow has been dropping hints all over the place that she wants to marry Coldplay lead singer, boyfriend Chris Martin. And fair enough, they have been dating for over a year now and if Hollywood years are like dog years that that must be like seven years for the rest of us mere mortals. Paltrow has hinted that she wants to marry Martin, but is waiting for him to propose to her. The Oscar-winner discussed her year-long relationship in an interview with celebrated talk show host Michael Parkinson recently. Asked whether she plans to marry, she replied: “I don’t know. I hope so.” Pressed on whether that would be to Chris Martin, the actress said: “I’m the wrong person to ask – ask him.” Keep waiting Gwynnie!

Pamela Anderson at Sunday School?

Now we have heard it all! Pamela Anderson,36, has let is slip that she’s now working as a Sunday school teacher. The one-time Playboy centrefold says her faith in God has helped her cope with bad times in her life. According to reports on the BBC’s The Hand Of God, she said: “I’m teaching at my sons’ Sunday school. It’s reading the Bible, getting out jelly beans and setting the kids a good example.” She added: “There have been bad times and good times and I have had religion to get me through. I think it’s important as I’ve always believed in God. It’s just I’ve joined a new church and my kids are at Sunday school.” Surprisingly, Anderson sees no contradiction between her sexy image and believing in God. “Maybe I’ve surprised people. When you are blonde, people have low expectations of you.” Couldn’t possibly be because you have a soft spot for bad boy tattooed rockers and over-sized breast implants, Pammy?

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