Elton is glad Kate Moss got caught

October 11, 2005

Elton is glad Kate Moss got caught

Elton John has joined the throng of celebrities speaking out about Kate Moss? drug problems. He says he?s glad Kate got found out, as it?s forced her to go to rehab for her problem. “I’m just glad Kate is there, I am happy she is doing something? I think Kate has made a really positive move. The Meadows (the Arizona clinic where Kate is being treated) is a great place. It is where two close friends of mine went. Kate is in very good hands.” Elton is speaking from his own experiences when giving advice as he suffered through his own cocaine addiction for 16 years before being found out. What helps, he said, is the attitude of the English press about celebrities: “The great thing about England is that the media will give you a very hard time. They won’t let you get away with it? I wish Elvis Presley had lived in England because if he had, he would probably still be alive today? What this story has achieved is it has forced Kate Moss to get help.?

Kate devastated
Kate Moss is reportedly devastated at how things turned out and is missing her daughter terribly. According to News of the World, she told ex boyfriend Jefferson Hack, “I’m so sorry for everything. I can’t believe what’s happened. I’ve been a stupid woman, but I’m not a bad mother. I’ve done some awful things, but I want to put them behind me. I miss Lila (her daughter) so much. I can’t wait to come home and get on with the rest of my life.” She has decided to freeze recent boyfriend Pete Doherty out of her life and is following advice from friends not to accept any contact from the Babyshambles singer. One friend saying, “The fact is Pete’s lifestyle has not impressed her real friends – or those who love her – to say the least. Since she has been in rehab she’s frozen Pete out – and she’s much happier as a result. We’re all confident she’ll come out of this healthier and stronger.”

Romeo Beckham?s still sick
David and Victoria Beckham?s son Romeo was rushed to hospital last week after suffering convulsions, and according to David, his condition isn?t positive. When asked at a press conference whether his three-year-old son?s health was improving, the English soccer star replied: “Not really. Not that positive. I’d rather not go into that.” The 30-year-old was red carded during England?s game against Austria on the weekend and therefore he will be unable to play this week against Poland. He said he?ll still be a spectator, telling reporters, “I’ll speak to Madrid first and see what they want me to do but I’ll definitely be here for the game against Poland at Old Trafford on Wednesday and I’ll be looking after my son as well.” He added: “It’s probably been one of the worst weeks of my life because of what’s happened to my son. It’s been hard.”

Liz Hurley to marry

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