Elton to leave his millions to the rich kids

October 5, 2004

Elton to leave his millions to the rich kids

Elton John
Music star Elton John has revealed he will be leaving his $480 million fortune to his ten godchildren when he eventually passes. As he and partner David Furnish made the decision not to adopt children, Elton wondered who he would leave his fortune to. They ended up deciding on their godchildren, “We have enough godchildren to leave everything to now and take care of them. They are going to inherit a fair old whack ? but our godchildren play a very big part in our lives.” Two of his godchildren, Victoria Beckham?s son Brooklyn and Liz Hurley?s son Damian already have millionaire parents; however Elton and his partner have proclaimed they will ensure the boys? feet are kept firmly on the ground. “We hope we can teach them the best ways to live their lives,” he said. “Spoiling kids never does them any good.”

The former Cat Stevens
Cat Stevens Comeback
Former folk singer Yusuf Islam is planning a comeback by writing a stage musical. The artist, formerly known as Cat Stevens, left the music scene after converting to Islam in the 1970?s. He says, “There’s been a workshop, with a basic script. I was always a fan of theatre. In the beginning, what I really wanted to be was not a pop star but a composer.” His play will feature some interesting new songs as well as a few familiar oldies. He has no plans to release an album however, proclaiming, “My position on music has changed drastically. A lot of things have become clearer to me as to what is allowed and not allowed within the vast possibilities of Islamic culture and art. I’ve lightened up a lot.” In a move that shocked the music world, Islam was deported last month while travelling from Britain to America. Despite his proclamations that he was travelling for music negotiations, US authorities declared him a security threat.

Marilyn and fiancee Dita
Marilyn Manson has taken a swipe at Britney Spears for her ?dress down? wedding. He said: “If you’re going to do something like getting married, it should have a sense of celebration to it. It should be grand – it doesn’t have to be in tracksuits!” Manson is to tie the knot with 33-year-old Playboy model and stripper Dita Von Teese, who he?s been with for four years… Angelina Jolie is thinking of selling her Girl Interrupted Oscar to raise money for children?s charities. “An Oscar is nice, but I never take that seriously and I make a point never to see awards. I give them away immediately, so that they are never in my environment.?… Kevin Federline has been learning how to shoot so he can protect his new wife Britney. The pair have been going for target sessions while they are hanging out in her home town of Kentwood, Louisiana…

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