Email from New York City

February 1, 2001

Tourists, tourists everywhere! But you can pick out a New Yorker in a second, tagged by her push to current, to edgey, to absolutely now. She’s wearing bangs[a fringe], pointy toed slingbacks from Jimmy Choo, vintage’80s eyewear,Passion Bait underwear, Bobbi Brown’s hit lip tint from the ColorOptions range, and maple sap cream from Bliss Spa. She has checked out the fab new glass box Planetarium and has sneaked into Frank Gehry’s curvy glass and blue titanium Cond? Nast Cafeteria. She has added ‘gigahertz and ‘webisode’, ‘sunlighting’ and ‘vaporware’ to her vocabulary, logs on to www.Real.Simple.com for easier-than-Martha Stewart recipes for a value-added life and unloading the old one on the hot auction website www.icon20.comThen she trades in the sisal matting for a concrete floor, stocks up on cuties like the Alessi bird-whistle tea-kettle. She shops Downtown at Moss, Sephora, Jeffrey, Area ID, Kirna Zabete. She clicks it on the Xiao mini-polaroid, clocks it on a Techno-Marine watch, and clubs it to Fun, sprawled under the Manhattan bridge, for its pounding DJ, vast video screen, bathroom monitors that let girls spy on boys, and the hydraulics that haul waitresses from the bar up to the mezzanine.

Snack decisions are made in a New York minute: currently Titou, Tartine, Tossed, Magnolia Bakery, but night dining is a production, tracking down the latest and ultimate dining experience. Savvy New Yorkers pick the winners from our shark pool of new eateries by a simple rule of three: what’s to see, what’s to eat, and who’s to greet.

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