Embrace, Don’t Disgrace, Your Pregnant Body

August 6, 2014

It is no surprise that we gain weight when we’re pregnant – we’re growing a human being inside of our body, so it’s only natural that the numbers on the scales are going to increase over time and those pants are going to get tighter by the day. A lot of women struggle with their body image when they are pregnant, for a number of reasons. Perhaps they were athletic and slim before pregnancy and now that’s all changed, or maybe they were even slightly overweight before they fell pregnant, and now the weight gain has just compounded the issue.

Whatever the reason is that women feel so poorly about their body during pregnancy, it is not the time to be negative about it. Women should try to celebrate the fact they’re carrying a child and embrace the change that comes with it. As well as weight gain there are a whole lot of other changes going in in your body too, but it’s not all bad. Here’s why:

Until after you’ve given birth to your baby you don’t have to worry about your dreaded period and if you breastfeed then it’s normally even longer before it graces you with its presence again. I can’t say I know any women who enjoy that time of the month, so this is definitely something to be happy about when you’re pregnant.

Since your body is getting larger you don’t have to try and squeeze into those tight skinny jeans anymore. Loose fitting and comfortable clothes are a pregnant woman’s best friend and they can still look great too. Maxi dresses are brilliant for pregnant women – they are comfortable whilst still looking fabulous.

When your baby is big enough you’ll start to feel those wonderful first movements which will only get stronger and more frequent as your due date draws closer. Protruding elbows or tiny feet pushing up under your ribs can be painful but there’s nothing better and more reassuring than seeing your baby move.

If you’re normally flat chested and have always wondered what you’d look like with larger breasts, then pregnancy is the time you’ll definitely find out. Because of increased blood volume in your body you’ll notice larger breasts from very early on in the pregnancy and as long as they’re not too painful, embrace the change and enjoy them while they last.

Whilst you’re pregnant there’s no need to use any birth control and it can be a welcome change for those of us who constantly forget to take the pill. Thank goodness it’s one less thing to worry about, especially with the dreaded baby brain.

During pregnancy a lot of women are lucky to have significant improvement in the quality of their hair and nails. Thicker and fuller hair as well as stronger nails are a bonus when you’re expecting.

Sex can be better when you’re expecting. Because of an increased blood flow to the pelvic area some women say that their sex is more satisfying, so that’s definitely something to be happy about.

So if you’re finding pregnancy tough on your body, try and think of the positives. And remember, it’s not forever, and a small price to pay for the bundle of joy you’ll be blessed with in the end.

Image via pregnancyandbaby.com

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