Emily Blunt Thinks She Looks Awful In Her New Movie

October 4, 2016

Are we missing something?

In the publicity stills for Emily Blunt’s new movie, The Girl on the Train, the beautiful actress’s lips are a little chapped, her skin is blotchy, and her eye makeup looks a bit smeary – but she’s still a long way from what most people would describe as awful.

But Blunt says she looked so terrible during shooting, she could hardly stand to look at herself in the mirror. “I look awful in the movie and I look like a ghoul,” Blunt told CNN.

The Girl on the Train centers on a woman – Rachel, played by Blunt – whose life has unraveled in the face of her husband leaving her and starting a family with his new wife. Rachel rides the train all day to hide the fact she’s been fired from her job. While on the train, she sees something suspicious – but her alcoholism and frequent blackouts make her question what she’s seen.

When Blunt was cast in the adaptation of Paula Hawkins’ bestselling novel, people questioned the choice, saying Blunt was too fit and pretty to play a character who, as the book makes quite clear, is supposed to be overweight and unattractive.

But Blunt maintains that her transformation into a strung-out alcoholic was authentic – and traumatic. “It was hard seeing myself look so awful. I came into work with no makeup and they would make me look even worse, adding rosacea and bags,” Blunt told reporters. “I could barely look at my own reflection.”

Still, she says there was an upside to playing a character who’s not meant to be beautiful. “It was utterly liberating,” Blunt told The New York Daily News. “Very often in films, the thing that will make you feel self-conscious as a woman is sometimes, if we’re supposed to be playing a tough cop or something like that, yet you are still supposed to look pretty.”

The Girl on the Train opens in the United States this week.

Comment: Do you think Emily Blunt looks awful in the The Girl on the Train?

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