Emma Bunton hits Bollywood

November 9, 2004

Emma Bunton hits Bollywood

Bollywood babe?
Former Spice Girl Emma Bunton has her sights set on becoming a Bollywood babe and is is jetting off to India to fulfill her dream. Not content with her ?baby spice? tag, the 28-year-old singer is flying to Bombay, to star in a movie and live the life of an Indian celebrity. She will be filmed for a BBC documentary exploring the differences between the showbiz life in India and the UK. She told the UK?s Daily Mirror: “To go to India, somewhere so culturally different, will be an amazing experience in itself. “But to be treated to the Bollywood lifestyle will be crazy. “It’s not so often I get to spend real time exploring a country because I’m promoting, but this time I’ll get to experience the culture first-hand and learn all about it, I can’t wait.” Surely she can?t be that hard up for cash can she?

Shaken not stirred no more
Pierce guttered not to play Bond again
Boo Hoo! Sexy Pierce Brosnan has finally been given his marching orders from the Bond films, accusing producers of going back on an offer for him to return. Brosnan starred in four James Bond blockbusters from 1995-2002, said he agreed to film a fifth but was “gutted” when filmmakers changed their minds. “When they told me, I was angry and the conversation was pretty short and sweet,” he told a BBC TV show late last week. Colin Farrell and Ewan McGregor have been mooted as possible replacements. Brosnan has said he wants Colin Farrell to replace him “They invited me back, and they changed their minds half-way through negotiations. It’s hard to find the truth,” he said. Clearly still smarting over being dumped he went on to say, “If you get uptight it just does your head in so you’ve got to let it go.” He said he felt a “great sense of liberation” after he was told. “I thought they did me a favour, really… leave while you’re on top.” Well looks like he can see the bright side after all…

Missy Elliot
Missy hot for Beckham
Hip queen and groove mistress, Missy Elliot, has revealed that she fancies David Beckham, along with the rest of us! The star says she thinks the Real Madrid footballer is “hot”. She added: “Maybe I should find myself one of those sexy British soccer stars.” It has been reported that Missy says she wants a man who will appreciate her sense of style, and said recently “The person I eventually find will have to like me and my style. I blame my mother for making me a tomboy. When I was younger she’d dress me up really girly in lacy dresses so I went wild and then I discovered tracksuits.” Missy says that while waiting for Mr Right she has a substitute on hand. “My vibrators keep me happy for now. I’ve got two but the butterfly one is my favourite.” Little too much information Missy!

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