Emmy Awards Worst Dressed List

September 25, 2012

Despite many gorgeous colours and knockout gowns, this year’s Emmy Awards produced a number of absolute shockers, including one Aussie celeb who should know better! Who was your worst dressed celebrity?

Ashley Judd

There’s not one redeeming feature with this look. The dress is a shocker, the stiff bouffant updo is terrible…Ashley needs to sack her stylist, now.

Michelle Dockery

I don’t care how amazing the dress is: if the fabric creases, like it does here, it’s an instant no-no.

Hayden Panietteriere

Why do so many young stars dress way older than they are? This uninspired Grecian gown by Marchesa ages the 23-year-old.

Mayim Bialik

That’s right, it’s Blossom! So many fond memories of watching Mayim on Blossom (and Beaches) but sadly this drapey red dress looks more curtains than couture.

Lena Dunham

One word: why? You’re young and have Hollywood at your feet with HBO’s Girls, so why look so glum in this badly-fitting lace dress that looks like something you’d find at the back of a dusty vintage store?

Nicole Kidman

Nicole is a brilliant actress, and it almost feels unpatriotic to call her out on her bad fashion choices. But this dress is as stiff as her face (step away from the needles, Nic!) – we wish she chose something softer and more comfortable.

Anna Chlumsky

We’ll always love Anna Chlumsky from My Girl, but we love her just a little less after choosing this ill-fitting black lace gown with satin sash and silver shoes.

Phoebe Price

There’s always one ridiculous dress on the Emmy Awards red carpet, and this year actress Phoebe Price takes the prize. The gown, the shoes…it’s straight out of a hillbilly prom.

Who is your Emmy Awards worst dressed celebrity?

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