How To Encourage Kids To Read

December 6, 2014
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School holidays are just around the corner, but books don’t have to be forgotten until the next school year. By reading throughout the holidays, kids will keep their skills up and some reluctant readers may even discover the joy of reading for the first time – when you read because you like it and not because you have to. Here are some simple, but effective ways to encourage your young readers.

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Be a reader

You’ll have a hard time convincing your kids that reading is a good thing if they never see you with a book. On the other hand, if you’re a reader, kids get curious about it. My kids often watch my facial expression while a read and ask me about the book. Why am I smiling? Why am I sad? What’s the story about?

Read together

Read to your children regularly and they will associate books with love, family, closeness and fun. It can help them see the different world inside books – one of stories and imagination, a world that they will want to tap into on their own.

Keep it fun

If you’re bored with your own reading when you’re reading together, your children will be bored, too! Use silly voices, ask questions and turn the stories into games. It will keep everyone engaged and happy. For independent readers, fun can mean choosing their own books, trying creative activities based on what they’ve just read and sharing the stories with you.

Take your children to the library

Picking their own books will boost your kids’ sense of independence plus they will be able to follow their own interests and not be limited by what you have at home. Younger kids are also fascinated by the practical aspects of borrowing books, like scanning their own library card and the books at the self checkout.

Make the time for it

Your child won’t be reading if you’re always rushing from one activity to another. Have some time set aside for books and quiet, TV-free play to give reading a chance to make it into your busy schedule.

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