End Your Junk Food Cravings

April 13, 2011

End Your Junk Food Cravings

Reaching for chips or chocolate and wish you could stop? Here’s 5 easy to way to kick those cravings to the curb.

1. Reduce stress

We often look to junk food to take our mind off the stress in our lives. So instead of reaching for junk food, go for a walk, close your eyes and breath deeply 5 times, write down your worries in a diary, or tell yourself a positive affirmation.

2. Eat breakfast

Fill up on breakfast and you’ll find your metabolism will be stimulated enough for the day that you won’t even be thinking about junk food come mid-afternoon.

3. Choose protein instead of carbs

Carbs are addictive, and once you ween yourself off it’s much easier to avoid them. Choose meals that contain all, if not most, protein, like chicken, fish, beef, turkey, eggs, leafy green vegetables and beans. They’ll keep you full for longer and you’ll stop craving carbs in just a few days.

4. Snack wisely

You can still snack – in fact it’s a good idea to eat small meals throughout the day – but choose what you snack on wisely. Think fruit, nuts and yoghurt.

5. No more sugary drinks

Even if you don’t drink soft drinks, fruit juice and ice tea contain a lot of sugar, up to several tablespoons. Ween yourself off by having a bottle of water with you at all times. Try sparkling mineral water which gives you the same soft drink feeling but without all the nasties.

What are your best tips for avoiding junk food cravings?

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