Entertainment for October

October 5, 2004

Entertainment for October

For Tibet with Love
Isabel Losada
Allen and Unwin

If you are at all interested in making even a slight difference to the world, then this book will set you on track. As Isabel Losada explores the ongoing problems of China and Tibet you are introduced not only to the issues but also how frustrating it can be to try to help. A wonderfully inspiring book which is an easy read and immensely enjoyable on many levels. You don’t have to have any particular interest in Tibet but I guarantee you will afterwards. Her wonderful sense of humour draws you into the book so that you just keep on wanting to read more and follow her on her journey every step of the way. She makes it easy to comprehend with clarity and simplicity the terrible Human Rights problems still facing Tibet both inside and outside. The bureaucracy surrounding her travels to Tibet make you question if you had the patience to keep going. She shows that one person can make a difference in raising public awareness.
RRP $22.95 but only $20.66 if you buy from the SheSaid Bookshop

The Naked Husband
Mark D?Arbanville
Bantam Books

Under the name ?Colin Falconer?, Colin Bowles has written 30 fiction and non-fiction novels. His pseudonym for The Naked Husband is Mark D?Arbanville, a scriptwriter from a village near Manchester, England. Mark has the seemingly perfect life ? happily married to an attentive wife with a teenage son and a successful scriptwriter. But he meets Anna on a conference in London and his whole world falls apart. Suddenly he realises he?s been living a lie ? the love he felt for his wife Sue is incomparable to the ecstasy he feels around Anna. But Anna is married and refuses to leave her partner. As his life crumbles, he makes decisions with staggering consequences; in turn loses the trust and love of the people around him.
This book is a candid examination of relationships and love. It is almost too real in its painful over analysis, similar to many real life situations. Chapter after chapter he debates the possibilities of the future with Anna and why she won?t leave her husband. His intimacy with the reader likens reading this book to listening to a friend go through a break-up, however not knowing him personally makes this book strangely enthralling.

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga: A Practical Guide to Healing Body, Mind, and Spirit
Deepak Chopra, David Simon
Pan MacMillan

In recent years, yoga has exploded in popularity. Yet for most people, yoga remains an exercise routine?a good option if you want to increase flexibility or relieve stress. According to Deepak Chopra and David Simon, however, this simple view ignores the spiritual side of yoga?its profound power to unite body, mind, and spirit and bring about enlightenment. If you are interested in yoga, positive thinking and meditation practices, you will find yourself immersed in this book wanting to explore the more deeper side.
RRP $30.00 but only $27.00 if you buy from the SheSaid Bookshop

If You Are Afraid Of Heights
Raj Kamal Jha

A complex novel of contemporary India by an author who stares unabashedly into the human heart.
After an accident, a man and woman meet when she comes to his aid, taking him into her home and tending to his injuries. Falling in love with his beautiful rescuer, the man sleeps deeply – dreamlessly at first, later assaulted by vivid images that suggest unfinished business. In the second tale, a woman reporter searches for information about a young girl whose brutally murdered body is found floating in the canal behind her poverty-riddled town. What the reporter discovers mingles with memories of her own past as she opens her mind to all that surrounds her, the desperate need and the recognition of shattered innocence. In the third part, a young girl in a red dress, worried that her parents might consider suicide in desperation over their lives, struggles to fit a larger understanding into the smaller world she inhabits. Daily tedium is played out against a harsh background of nature’s excesses. Perhaps it is the incessant rain that so perfectly captures these people, reflecting them back into the world, distorted by their own hidden desires.
Raj Kamal Jha peers into the teeming mass of humanity, carefully positioning his characters to tell their stories, the complicated emotional layers of lives intersecting, merging and moving on. There are hard lessons on the difficulties of survival and the protection of innocence as memory mixes flawlessly with reality in this cautionary tale.
RRP $22.00 but only $19.80 if you buy from the SheSaid Bookshop

Society?s Queen ? The Life of Edith, Marchioness of Londonderry
Anne De Courcy
Allen and Unwin

At the age of twenty-one, Edith Chaplain married one of the most eligible bachelors of the day, the eldest son of the sixth Marquess of Londonderry. A vibrant character and daughter of aleading politician, Edith soon found herself at the heart of politics both in Westminster and Ireland. Her husband served in the Ulster cabinet and was Air Minister in the National Government of 1934-5. She was a powerful influence on his successful career, and in her own right she became a prominent figure in a number of spheres. She was particularly instrumental in the campaign for women?s suffrage, founding the Women?s Legion during the First World War, and she played an active role in numerous wartime organizations and charities. But Edith is perhaps best known for her role as ?society?s queen? as she carried on the 6th Marquess and Marchioness?s tradition of entertaining for the Conservative Party. She was intimate with many of the leading lights in the social, literary and political world of her day.

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