Entertainment in April

April 19, 2005

Entertainment in April

The Incredibles
Buena Vista
Most of us love a light-hearted cartoon and the great thing about the recent spate of animations (Finding Nemo, A Sharks Tale, Shrek), is that they?re entertaining for adults as well as kids! Suddenly watching a family favourite film with the kids has never been so entertaining! The Incredibles follows in this genre ? Mr Incredible, Elastigirl and Frozone are three of a collection of heroic superheroes that continually saved the world in the past. Unfortunately they lose their popularity and the superheroes are forced go underground and live an ordinary life. For Mr Incredible and Frozone, this proves to be difficult. What follows is a charming action story filled with all the humour, adventure and fun we?ve come to expect from Pixar.

Rebekah LaVauney
Chapter 1

Placing seventh in Australian Idol in 2003, Rebekah LaVauney deserved better. With a smooth feminine soulful voice, the feeling that one gets is that her roots are in gospel and soul rather than R&B. She has been singing long before her arrival on Idol, and it shows on the EP. The track Behind Bars was co-written with Beat boxer Joel Turner and The Modern Day Poets, with a hip-hop infusion that is interesting and has a harder edge than the other tracks on the EP. My personal standout favorite was the track If You Were Mine which had the romantic slow jam feel that is synonymous with classic R & B.

Anna Nalick
Wreck of the Day

Melancholy albums are, to me, the kind that makes you want to laugh and cry at the same time. Perhaps, like walking to your lover?s house in the rain. It?s a good-kind-of-sad feeling. But ,(yes there is a but) it is the intensity of emotion that forces these feelings to the surface. Anna Nalick – Wreck of the Day has some songs that really nail this feeling outright, where as others come across with too much of a pop sensibility to capture the feeling that she is trying to express. Think Fiona Apple meets Alanis Morisette discussing break-ups.
Anna Nalick is only available in the US at present but you can order online or check out her sampler at www.annanalick.com

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