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December 1, 2004

Entertainment Reviews

Garden State
Zach Braff (main character in TV?s Scrubs) wrote, directed and starred in this unique film about a homecoming. Braff plays Andrew Largeman, a moderately successful TV actor who returns home after a nine year absence for the funeral of his mother. As the movie progresses we learn Largeman has been living in a lithium induced haze, prescribed by his father (Sir Ian Holm) when he was a child. Largeman decides to try life without the drugs, and thus begins his gradual awakening. He meets Sam (Natalie Portman), a quirky hometown girl who gives Largeman the courage to open up and discover what life has to offer. She?s the sidekick who refuses to ride in his sidecar.

This is a film dissimilar to most others. Braff wrote it with the intention of breaking down the traditional Hollywood structure. ?I got tired of watching movies with the same outline, where X needed to happen 30 minutes in, or else,? he says. “So many films follow that structure because it’s so hard to get a movie made if it doesn’t.” Instead, Braff created a film in which events unfold ?as they would if you?re this guy who comes home all of a sudden. You run into people you once knew, you hang out with them. Then maybe you never see them again. In the case of my character, he also buries his mother and falls in love. A lot happens in this one weekend.? If you want a different type of film this summer with quality acting and an intriguing storyline, Garden State is the film for you.

The Forgotten
We all love a thriller, and this one is great to get the heart thumping. Julianne Moore plays Telly Paretta, a mother who loses her 8-year-old son and seeks the help of a psychiatrist to help with the pain. She learns the impossible; her son was just a figment of her imagination and she made up eight years of memories. But she?s determined this isn?t true and sets out to find the real fate of her son. Just as we?re starting to believe this woman is insane, she meets a father who has vague recollections of his daughter? and the journey begins. Although it isn?t as clever as The Sixth Sense, The Forgotten is an entertaining movie and will definitely leave you in suspense.

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