Entertainment Update

November 3, 2004

Entertainment Update

Bar Secrets Sydney
Sometimes you can live in a Sydney for your entire life, and not sway far from your usual wateringhole. Bar Secrets is set to change that. Contained in a convenient playing card lineup (with a container similar to a cigarette box but far more classy) the ins and outs of the city can be held in your cute little clutch purse. There are 52 of the hottest bars in Sydney, so whether you’re looking for the strongest cocktails, the coldest beers or anything in between, you’ll be sure to find the place to suit!
RRP $9.95 from bookshops and newsagents.

Law and Order PC Game: Justice is Served
?She?s beautiful, athletic, rich…and she?s dead. Elena Kusarova was tennis? beautiful ?It Girl? ? that is, until she was found dead on the locker room floor the day before the start of the U.S. Open.? This is the case that is waiting for you to solve in the new Law and Order game: Justice is Served. If you?ve ever spent a Sunday, Wednesday or Thursday night (and any other night if you get cable TV!) glued to the television watching Law and Order, then this is the game for you. It?s just like watching the television series except you?re one of the detectives and solving the case is up to you! Visit the scene of the crime, interview the witnesses and visit the precinct to file reports. The graphics are surprisingly real and there are even voice overs from the Law and Order stars Jerry Orbach, Jesse L. Martin and Elisabeth R?hm.
RRP $49.95 See Mindscape for details

Anna Nalick ? Breathe (2AM)
It?s very rare that you hear a song for the first time then end up singing it to yourself for the rest of the day. It?s even rarer that you enjoy it going through your head! Anna Nalick?s new song Breathe (2AM) is one of those singles. Anna is a Californian artist, who had a lucky break in college. A friend who taught at a local high school had a student with parents in the music business. Through these contacts, Anna ended up working with the production team behind Tori Amos and has now been signed with Columbia Records. Her sound is haunting and almost electric to listen to and although her influences include Fiona Apple and Tori Amos, her style is entirely unique. Her first album, Wreck of the Day, is released on January 18, but listen to her single at www.annanalick.com

Happiness Is…
Messenger Publishing
Lisa Messenger

If you have a friend that is feeling a little blue then this book just might bring a smile to their face! Happiness Is… is a beautiful collection of photos and comments, insights and observations from every day Australians about what makes them happy. The photos are are uplifting and unique with a sense of joy to them all. Bradley Trevor Grieve, best selling author of the internationally successful The Blue Day Book says ?Happiness Is… guaranteed to light up every face to which it is exposed. A luminous celebration of everything that makes life worth living. I loved it.?

Lisa?s message is clear and simple ? don?t keep putting things off, postponing happiness. Be happy where you are right now and live for the moment. Many of the photos in this divine book are of parents and young children, with many comments from the parents about the joy children bring into our lives.

Making this an even better book, Lisa Messenger is donating some of the proceeds of the book to ?Kids Help Line? that helps thousands of young kids every week that may have lost the joy of happiness! So when you buy this book you are not only receving the joy of happiness hopefully you will be giving some happiness to the ?Kids Help Line? too.!

RRP $34.95 but only $31.46 if you buy from the SheSaid Bookshop

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