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Olivia Wilde Slams Hollywood For Calling Her ‘Old’

The actor has revealed she was told she was “too old” for The Wolf Of Wall Street

March 16, 2016

My Very Non-PC 45 Minutes With Funnyman John Cleese

“If people make you laugh, you like them, even if they’re being fairly awful!”

March 3, 2016

Bonnie Anderson’s New Song Just Dropped, And It’s Legit

Gurl’s going to own 2016 and beyond. 

February 25, 2016

Kate Winslet Just Proved She’s Leo’s Number One Fangirl

“He is my closest friend in the world and I couldn’t imagine not being there to support him.”

February 11, 2016

Ouch! Victoria Beckham To Snub Spice Girls Reunion Tour

Looks like Posh Spice may not be joining the gang when the team reunite…

January 13, 2016

Kourtney Is Hooking Up With Justin And It’s Awesome

One small step for Biebs, one giant leap for feminism.

December 16, 2015

How This Hearing Impaired Girl’s Dream Came True

Just when you thought she couldn’t get any more awesome.

December 1, 2015

8 Times Adele Was A Total Unicorn Goddess

It’s not just her amazing voice that’s got us talking…

November 30, 2015

Chris Hemsworth Reveals UNRECOGNIZABLE Pic Of Himself In New Role

The star existed on 500 calories a day in prep for his latest flick.

November 23, 2015

Selena Gomez Hits Back: “I Was In Chemotherapy, You A*holes”

The pop star has revealed she was undergoing chemo, not drug rehab last year. 

October 8, 2015

Preppy Style Inspiration: Princess Charlotte Of Monaco

When it comes to the Royals and fashion, we like to watch every step of Duchess Kate and obsess about the outfits she wears. If you like Kate’s casual style, then you’ll love what Princess Charlotte of Monaco wears day-to-day.

Charlotte Casiraghi is the granddaughter of Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier and currently eights in line to the throne of Monaco. She has starred in many campaigns for Gucci, regularly graces the covers of fashion magazines in Europe, and her casual style can be summed up as the epitome of preppiness.

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Pulling off the preppy look doesn’t mean you’ll have to stick to polo shirts and chinos, it’s more about keeping it simple and sticking to classics instead of trends. Take a hint from Princess Charlotte:

princess charlotte of Monaco

Good quality denim

Denim plays a huge role in preppy styles, but it is important to wear good quality denim that fits well and doesn’t look too washed out. And don’t just focus on jeans; a button up denim dress can become your best friend as it doesn’t need much else; combine with a leather bag and a hat to instantly look chic.

princess charlotte of Monaco

White pants

White pants can be a bit daunting, but when you find the right pair, they can instantly lift any outfit. Do like Charlotte and pair with a tucked-in shirt and a dark leather belt to emphasise your waist.


princess charlotte of Monaco

Cashmere sweaters

Another classic and a preppy-style-staple, cashmere sweaters aren’t only comfortable, but chic and versatile at the same time. You can’t go wrong with a camel-coloured round neck sweater like Princess Charlotte’s. She makes it look modern by combining with black leather pants.

princess charlotte of Monaco

Turtle necks

A black turtle neck sweater oozes elegance when combined with a pencil skirt, but it looks just as amazing paired with jeans and suede boots. Again, the preppy style is all about focusing on classics and keeping it simple. In this outfit, the black turtle neck acts as the base for Charlotte’s red statement jacket while at the same time making the jeans look sophisticated.

images via beautifulcharlotte.tumblr.com

July 7, 2015

Celebrity Trend: Denim Overalls

It’s the celebrities’ fashion crush of the moment: overalls. From Victoria’s Secret models to Hollywood actresses and singers, the humble blue denim overall has made it on to the radar of fashionistas. And who can blame them? Denim overalls are comfy and practical (unless you’re in the bathroom) and if styled correctly, they can be very glamourous in a trendy 70s kind of way.

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The difference between overalls worn by factory workers as a protection garment and overalls worn as fashion statements is the cut. A well-tailored onesie will bring out curves you didn’t know you ever had.

Case in point: Taylor Swift who recently stepped out in a dark blue denim overall and made it look quite sexy. How did she do it? By choosing a skinny-leg overall which sits tight on your hips, but loose on your upper body. She combined the one-piece with a cropped white t-shirt baring a bit of skin around her waist.

Celebrity Sightings In New York City - May 28, 2015

Kate Bosworth sported a similarly fitted overall but opted for a flared leg and white tank top, giving her outfit more of a 70s vibe.

Celebrity Sightings In New York City - April 16, 2015

Model Lily Aldridge proved that overalls are comfortable when she wore her baby blue denim onesie on a flight to LA a few weeks ago. We love the long-sleeved white shirt she wore underneath – perfect for colder days.

Lily Aldridge denim overall

For a more sporty, casual look, take a hint from the ever stylish Sarah Jessica Parker and wear a classic boyfriend-cut overall. To keep it from looking boring, make sure you cuff the legs and – if wearing a long-sleeved top – also roll up your sleeves.

sarah jessica parker denim overall

So, if you love your jeans and denim in general (who doesn’t?), why not give overalls a go? The days of pulling up your pants are over.

 Images via Elle, InStyle, Cosmopolitan

June 14, 2015

10 Hits and Misses From The Cannes Film Festival

From Marilyn Monroe to Brigitte Bardot, all of our favourite stars have walked down the red carpet in Cannes at some point or another. So, we’re counting down 10 of this years hits and misses in the fashion department including models, actresses and directors alike.

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HIT: Sara Sampaio

Model Sara Sampaio hit the red carpet for the premiere of Inside Out in this stunning black ensemble which features a cut-out portion at the top. A simple white gold bracelet finished off the outfit, with long, teardrop earrings.

10 Hits and Misses From The Cannes Film Festival

MISS: Eva Longoria

Actress Eva Longoria was at the premiere of Inside Out in a silky dress featuring lace panel cut-outs. The style and colour looks a bit dated if you ask us! Although her hair and makeup looked amazing.

10 Hits and Misses From The Cannes Film Festival

HIT: Poppy Delevingne

Model and socialite Poppy Delevingne stunned the crowds in a maxi dress by Valentino for the premiere of Carol. The emerald green colour matched perfectly with white diamonds and a relaxed up-do.

10 Hits and Misses From The Cannes Film Festival

MISS: Natalie Portman

Captured at the photocall for her new film A Tale of Love and Darkness, Natalie Portman wore an asymmetric gown by Chanel. It might be appropriate for the warmer weather, but we just don’t think the style is too flattering.

10 Hits and Misses From The Cannes Film FestivalHIT: Salma Hayek

Actress Salma Hayek brought back some colour to the red carpet at the premiere of Rocco and His Brothers. We just love how this look is paired with a soft pink lip and tousled locks.

10 Hits and Misses From The Cannes Film FestivalMISS: Lindsay Ellingson

This might have been an amazing dress, but unfortunately there is way too much texture going on in Lindsay Ellingson’s ensemble. But, hair and makeup looks sexy and sultry – win!

10 Hits and Misses From The Cannes Film Festival

HIT: Rooney Mara

Rarely one to make a fashion faux pas, Rooney Mara chose a stunning cream dress for the premiere of Carol at this years 68th annual event. The colour is perfect for her skin tone and is super flattering with her hair and makeup.

10 Hits and Misses From The Cannes Film Festival

MISS: Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda walked the red carpet at the premiere of The Sea of Trees in a cobalt blue, floor length gown. While we adore the colour on Jane, the style seems a little out-dated.

10 Hits and Misses From The Cannes Film Festival

HIT: Diane Kruger

Actress Diane Kruger looked right at home on the red carpet, where she was spotted at the premiere of The Sea of Trees. Not only is this speckled gown an amazing tone, the style itself is perfect for summer!

10 Hits and Misses From The Cannes Film Festival

MISS: Sienna Miller

While we usually love everything Sienna Miller wears on the red carpet, this was just not one of them. The colour-blocking dress had too much going on at the front, not to mention that it photographed sheer – and looked like a kite.

10 Hits and Misses From The Cannes Film Festival

What was your favourite celebrity wearing at Cannes?

Images via Daily Celebs

May 24, 2015

The 12 Month Wedding Planner Timeline

Are you the bride, in-laws, or even the maid of honour at your best friends wedding? Then you’re probably already familiar with the anxiety which comes along with planning the big day.

When is the best time to book the reception, the celebrant, and what about the wedding dress? Never fear! Use our easy guide below to smoothly plan your wedding – without the extra stress.

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12 months before

The 12 Month Wedding Planner Timeline

10 months before

The 12 Month Wedding Planner Timeline

8 months before

The 12 Month Wedding Planner Timeline

6 months 

The 12 Month Wedding Planner Timeline

4 months

The 12 Month Wedding Planner Timeline

2 months

The 12 Month Wedding Planner Timeline

6 weeks

The 12 Month Wedding Planner Timeline

1 month

The 12 Month Wedding Planner Timeline

2 weeks

The 12 Month Wedding Planner Timeline

1 week

The 12 Month Wedding Planner Timeline

2 days

The 12 Month Wedding Planner Timeline

1 day

The 12 Month Wedding Planner Timeline

Images via Lauren Conrad

May 20, 2015

Gisele Bundchen’s Best Runway Moments

It’s the end of an era in the fashion industry: Supermodel Gisele Bundchen retired from the runway last week.

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During her 20-year career, Gisele walked for every designer imaginable. And while she could have chosen some of the biggest names in fashion for her last catwalk appearance, the 34-year old stuck to her roots and chose Brazilian label Colcci’s fashion show during Sao Paulo Fashion Week for her farewell.

With her fierce and confident walk, Gisele knows how to own the runway, so let’s take a look at Gisele Bundchen’s best runway moments ever:


2005: If people didn’t know who Gisele was before the 2005 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, they definitely knew afterwards. Gisele’s opening of this iconic show with her little red devil wings and a multi million dollar fantasy bra is one of the best runway moments in history. It’s the epitome of the supermodel-walk.


2007: One of John Galliano’s best runway shows for Dior, the 60th anniversary of Dior, was of course opened by Gisele who walked down the runway at the Orangerie in Versailles in a black suit inspired by one of Dior’s first creations from the 1940s.


2007: In the same year, Gisele opened another iconic show in an another iconic look, the metallic bustier dress by Dolce&Gabbana. It became one of the most popular dresses of the season and was seen numerous times on the red carpet and in music videos, such as Leona Lewis’ ‘Bleeding Love’.

Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen pre

2010: Fast forward three years and Gisele had not only married Tomy Brady, but also given birth to their son Benjamin. Only 6 months later, Gisele returned to the catwalk looking better than ever, making new mums all over the world jealous.


2014: In 2014, Karl Lagerfeld became slightly obsessed with Gisele and made her the face of Chanel No5, chose her for several campaigns, and of course also let her open his Chanel fashion show which was staged as a protest for equality. Gisele lead the way with her megaphone in head to toe knitted Chanel.


2015: All good things must come to an end. Gisele strutted her stuff down her last runway accompanied by other models wearing t-shirts with famous photos of Gisele on them. I guess you can never have enough Gisele.

Images via Popsugar, news.com.au, giselebundchenfan.com, independent.co.uk

April 23, 2015

6 Celebrities Who Fluked Their Way To The Top

We’ve all been there, wondering just how that celebrity became so damn rich and famous. They appear to have fluked their way to the top, without any real confirmation of their talent when first discovered, but were picked out for being good looking, a gift from the Gods of genetics.

We say fluked because these people have played the game of chance and won, think of the world of celebrity like playing a game on SuperCasino – when you win big you go all the way.

So who has fluked their way to the top and is now living a lavish life after seemingly doing, well…not very much to get there?

Charlize Theron

We’re not saying Charlize isn’t a fine actress, you just have to watch the 2003 movie Monster to witness her talent, but Theron wasn’t having much luck making it in Hollywood when she initially started out. She was actually discovered in a bank, shouting at a poor assistant behind the counter, who wouldn’t or couldn’t for some reason pay out money to her. A talent agent enjoyed her making a scene so much he gave her his business card and the rest, as they say, is history.

Steven Seagal

Seagal is best known for his highflying, highly dramatic (and just a tad ridiculous) action movies, where he spends a good portion of a film kicking the bad guys in the face, repeatedly. Steven is actually a master in aikido and because of his skill in the martial art was discovered by talent agent Michael Ovitz. It’s been claimed that Ovitz wanted to prove a point, that he could make anyone famous and so took Seagal to Warner Brothers Studios. The guys there were so impressed with his martial arts skills they let him choose a film to make, from a pile of scripts. Thanks WB.

Scott Disick

We could reel off a long list of the Keeping up with the Kardashians ‘cast’, who have fluked their way to the top, but for now we’ll stick with Scott Disick. His fame has come mostly from dating Kourtney Kardashian and their public spats and constant arguing. Their toxic relationship keeps viewers coming back for more and constantly puts Scott in the spotlight. From his exposure on the show Scott now does paid nightclub appearances and public events and revels in the party lifestyle his fame has brought him, much to Kourtney’s displeasure.

Jamie Oliver

Whilst his talent as a chef can’t be questioned Oliver found fame by pure luck. A BBC Camera crew who were filming Christmas at the River Café, where he worked, spotted him in the background making pasta. Apparently they liked his look and pasta-making skills so much that later that year his show The Naked Chef debuted, along with a cookbook. Right place, right time.

Justin Bieber

Bieber is a celeb treated much like Marmite, you either love him or hate him. It’s usually the latter, because only 10 year old girls love Bieber. We think. But the Biebs was actually discovered through a stroke of luck, after crooning to a small fan base on Youtube. Apparently his current manager saw a video of the boy popstar and contacted his mum about working with him. So thanks to a video camera and a floppy haircut, Bieber is now available for us all to enjoy.

Coleen Rooney

Marrying Wayne Rooney is one life decision Coleen will probably never regret. From her marriage she has launched perfumes, a clothing line and has reportedly jetted off on ten holidays this year alone. How the other half live, eh?

April 21, 2015

Top 10 Celebrity Bridesmaid Dresses

Choosing a one-size-fits-all bridesmaid dress is never an easy battle, especially since body shapes can make the same dress look different on every woman! Here is a little inspiration from our favourite celebrities (and their bridal party), as we count down the top ten celebrity bridesmaid dresses.

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10. Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson’s wedding to Eric Johnson was a relaxed, country affair and the bridesmaid’s gowns very much reflected this. The flattering, v-neck dresses were layered with chiffon and perfectly complimented all nine of the bridal party!


9. Hilary Duff

For her wedding in 2010, Hilary Duff picked out a stunning wrap dress for her five bridesmaids. The flattering colour of lilac was perfect for the Californian wedding, and complimented Hilary’s fabulous gown.


8. Erica Pelosini

Fashionista Erica Pelosini chose bright blue layered gowns for her bridesmaids during her nuptials in the Italian countryside. Did we forget to mention that matching blue nail polish was also on the cards? It matched beautifully with gold details, such as jewellery and shoes.


7. Rochelle Wiseman

Singer Rochelle from The Saturdays chose a strapless style for her bridesmaids and fellow singers for the big day. The flattering style was perfect for all of the girls, and was adorned with crystals on the bodice.


6. Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian’s first nuptials to Kris Humphries saw the entire bridal party dressed in white. The five bridesmaids were styled in a white strapless gown, which cinched in at the waist and billowed out towards the bottom.


5. Kate Moss

Model Kate Moss and her 14 bridesmaids (one of which was daughter Lila Grace) and flower girls were perfectly adorned in white lace and flower garlands for the bohemian wedding.


4. Poppy Delevingne

For Poppy Delevigne’s London leg of the wedding (she had another ceremony soon-after in Marrakech), bridesmaids such as little sister Cara were dressed in flowy, white ensembles.


3. Scheana Marie

The star of Vanderpump Rules picked out a handmade cropped top and skirt for herself, but went a little more traditional for her bridesmaids. They were dressed in long, chiffon gowns with jewels encrusted on the bodice.


2. Lauren Conrad

Designer and reality television star Lauren Conrad went for an off-white theme for her bridal party. Maid of honour included friend and fellow Laguna Beach castrate, Lo Bosworth who chose a sleeveless dress for the nuptials.


1. Ashley Tisdale

Coming in at number one, is actress Ashley Tisdale. She went with a soft colour palette for her wedding and each bridesmaid wore a dress which flattered their body type.

Bridesmaid and fellow actor Vanessa Hudgens wore a stunning halter-neck gown with matching flowers. Even though the dresses were different, bridesmaids kept it simple with the same braided hairstyle.


What is your favourite celebrity bridesmaid dress?

Images via Hello, E!, Two Birds One Stone Wedding, Conde Nast, US Weekly, The Knot, OK! Weekly, The Coveteur

April 15, 2015

Throwback Thursday: Hugh Jackman’s Old-Fashioned Parenting Style

October 6, 2011 

Could we love Hugh Jackman any more? He might be playing a reluctant father in his last flick Real Steel but in real life he’s a amazing dad who’s giving away some old-fashioned parenting tips.

Jackman, 42, father to Oscar, 11, and Ava, six, says he’s strictly anti-technology during the week.

“A buddy of mine has a rule that I installed: No screens during the week. No TV, or computer, or anything like that,” says the Aussie actor.

Jackman and wife Deborah Lee-Furness try and maintain an ordinary lifestyle especially for the sake of their children. “Kids nowadays have very little time,” says Jackman. “They seem to be at school longer than ever. They have all sorts of after school activities. By the time you have eaten and showered and dressed, it is over. So there is not much time for it anyway.”

And it sounds like the low-profile parents have brought their children up with great values, enjoying spending time outdoors.

“I love to play Wii Tennis,” admits Jackman. “So I’ll say to my son, ‘Hey, lets go play on the Wii.’ And he goes, ‘Dad, it’s a beautiful day! Let’s go outside!'”

What do you think? Should kids be allowed access to TV and computers during the week?

April 9, 2015

Stars Align On The Astra Awards’ Red Carpet

It seems Alex Perry was the go-to designer at this year’s Astra Awards, with several celebrities including Jennifer Hawkins and E! Presenter, Giuliana Rancic owning the red carpet in Perry’s dazzling designs.

Rancic wowed in a beautifully beaded floor-length gown, while Hawkins and TV host Sophie Falkiner showed off their envious figures in classic form fitting styles. E! Australia’s Ksenija Lukich also wore Perry and looked glamorous in an embellished gown from his Barcelone Collection with Cerrone jewels.

Astra Awards

While black appeared to be the unspoken dress code of the night, Deborah Hutton and Kerri Anne Kennerley opted for a splash of colour and dazzled in Rachel Gilbert and Mary Ioannidis Couture.

Kerri-AnneAstra Awards 6

The Real Housewives of Melbourne also added plenty of shine to this year’s event, adding to the mix with their sparkling sequins and bedazzling bling!

Astra Awards 7

March 14, 2015

Jimmy Kimmel Tackles Anti-Vaccination Head On

If there already weren’t enough reasons to love Jimmy Kimmel now there is one more. Last week on his late-night talk show, Jimmy Kimmel Live, the host weighed in on the ongoing debate as to whether people should vaccinate their children after a recent outbreak in the United States left 70 people with measles, only 6 of whom where previously vaccinated.

Taking a pro-vaccination stance, Kimmel shocked viewers when he took such a serious subject to air. Aimed at parents who are “more afraid of gluten than smallpox,” the monologue and witty PSA video encouraged all parents to vaccinate their children and, in failing to do so, should consider the consequences. Kimmel made sure he focused his argument around the fact that he would not expect people to take his guidance but he would expect for them to “take medical advice from almost every doctor in the world”.

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He continued: “See the thing about doctors is that they didn’t learn about the human body from their friend’s Facebook page, they went to medical school where they studied all sorts of amazing things like how to prevent children from contracting horrible diseases.” Unrelenting, Kimmel questioned all those who consider themselves qualified to make these decisions. “If you are one of those people who knows more than doctors that’s fine, no vaccinations, but you’re not allowed to go to the doctor anymore… You should also let your kids smoke. Why wouldn’t you? The only people that say not to are doctors.”

Kimmel then presented an accompanying video message from doctors who captivated the audience with the pros of vaccination. “Remember that time you got polio?” a doctor asks, “No you don’t, because your parents got you f—ing vaccinated.”

The broadcast divided his huge audience with an overwhelming amount of viewers applauding Kimmel for using his public position to highlight the severity of the issue, yet anti-vaccination groups remained unconvinced. This is not the first time the Emmy-winning host has caused controversy and on Monday night took again to his show to continue his crusade despite the backlash.

Taking an interesting spin on one of his own segments Celebrities Read Mean Tweets, Kimmel looked back in jest at some of the unpleasant tweets he received during the week. Stating “Some people are demanding that I apologise, which of course, I will not… A lot of these groups are insisting that I present both sides of the argument and I’m not going to do that either because, well for the same reason that I wouldn’t present both sides if a group of people decided that [eating] pancakes make you gay. They don’t. There is no point in discussing it.”

A father himself, Kimmel has a pretty solid argument. Still, it is disheartening to know that in LA where his talk show is based, some schools have as many as 20 per cent of children unvaccinated, leaving all those who are too young to have shots exposed and at risk. So to all the parents out there who haven’t vaccinated your children yet, maybe you should reconsider. The outbreak is said to have originated at Disneyland – so much for being ‘The Happiest Place on Earth”.

To see Jimmy Kimmel’s original message for the Anti-Vaccine Movement click here

To see Jimmy Kimmel’s response to backlash click here

Image via CNSNews

March 4, 2015
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