Erika Brechtel Interior Design Profile

January 19, 2015

You have probably seen her inspirational interior pictures plastered all over Pinterest, but Erika Brechtel is so much more than the mastermind behind such eclectic home design. Working as a brand stylist for more than 11 years allows Erika to give and gain inspiration for a number of home and lifestyle solutions which are classic and trendy at the same time.

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Even though she works as an avid graphic designer for a number of independent companies, her real inspiration comes from interiors. Erika’s main inspirations stem from something clean and sophisticated while still reflecting her infectious personality in all rooms of the house.

Erika Brechtel Interior Design Profile

Erika’s self-titled blog showcases some of her recent and timeless styling work, but also offers inspirational alternatives which you can add to your own home. This click-through feature sources work from both popular and up-and-coming designers and gives them a platform to sell their designs.


You can recreate Erika’s signature style by sticking to clean lines, but don’t be afraid to mix and match different prints and textures for maximum effect.

Little trinkets and ornaments act as a main feature on bookshelves, coffee tables, and on a desk, so don’t be afraid to splash out on these items every now and then.

Images via Erika Brechtel

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