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Erika Heynatz to release an album!

Erika Heynatz to release an album!

Australian model, actress and television personality Erika Heynatz can
now include singer and songwriter to her ever expanding bio.

Erika will release her new single ‘Kingdom’ in January 2010 with her self-titled debut album released in the following months.

‘Kingdom’ explores the themes of unrequited love, pride and rejection,
and will go to radio early January 2010 ahead of its release in

Erika said, “I’ve really thrived during the time I had to immerse myself
in the creative process of writing and producing the album. I know my
varied career has definitely contributed to arriving at this point with
music, and it’s a true reflection of my personal experiences. ‘Kingdom’
feels like the right first single from the album because of its great
energy and the determination behind the lyrics, expressing what the true
potential of opening yourself up to love is.”

The album showcases Erika’s ability as both singer and songwriter with
Erika co-writing multiple tracks on the record and drawing on her many
influences from classic artists such as Fleetwood Mac and Suzanne Vega
through to contemporaries like Feist, Sia and John Mayer.

The album was recorded in studios across Australia, the UK and US, and
has been a labour of love for Erika. Along her journey she has
collaborated with the likes of Andy Zulla (Kelly Clarkson, Rod Stewart,
Teddy Geiger), John Alagia (Liz Phair, David Gray, Jason Mraz, John
Mayer) and Steve Booker (Duffy, Natalie Imbruglia) to name but a few who
have helped bring together a set of songs that represent the full
palette of Erika as an artist.

So what do you think? Will Erika be able to cut it as a singer?

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