Erotica On-line: An Interview with Katherine from adultshop.com

November 2, 2000

SheSaid: Millions of people from Australia and around the world have visited your site. What’s the percentage of women to men buying sex toys and videos?Katherine: Currently it’s around 25% women to 75% men. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics February 2000, adult males were almost 3 times as likely to buy on-line as adult females. But adultshop.com is not a male-oriented website, it’s accessible to everyone. It’s interesting too that we’ve found from our feedback that many couples are shopping together at adultshop.com

SheSaid: Most women would feel embarrassed or shy about going into a sex shop to buy a vibrator or a sexy vid, even if they’d secretly like to buy some kind of erotica. Do you think that the anonymity of on-line shopping encourages women to try adult products?

Katherine: Absolutely. It does give them the privacy and anonymity they desire. Women are far less comfortable than men about going into an adult store, and women with children may find it impractical. Also with the busy lives women lead, it’s not easy to make time to shop for “essentials”, so shopping on-line is a quick, convenient way to shop. Our site is a really well laid-out on-line store with straightforward advice on which products to buy.

SheSaid: What about when the package arrives at home. Could anyone tell that you’re buying something a bit cheeky?

Katherine: No, no one would suspect anything! We have a policy of “plain package” delivery to save any embarrassment or loss of privacy.

SheSaid: Do you know much about your female shoppers’ profile?

Katherine: No, as we feel that our customers appreciate the fact that we don’t make enquiries about their age, income, etc, which fits in with adultshop.com’s views on privacy and security. The only information we gather from our customers is their address, and that’s only for delivery purposes.

SheSaid: So which State is the most into shopping for adult products on-line?

Katherine: NSW leads with 33%. The breakdown for the rest of Australia is Victoria 25%, Queensland 15%, WA 12%, and the rest of the country comes to 15%.

SheSaid: But you must get feedback from your err.. satisfied customers?

Katherine: Yes, we get loads of e-mails from women and men. Here are just a few examples to give you the gist of most of our feedback – with no names disclosed, of course:

“Great site! I am usually too embarrassed to go into a sleazy-fronted sex shop on my own, being a girl, and now I can shop in the comfort of my own home.”

“As a female, I don’t feel repulsed or offended. A great erotic site without the sleaze.”

“My husband and I are able to enjoy the content of this site without the fear of encountering over-explicit material.

SheSaid: What do you think your products do for people’s sex lives?

Katherine: You know, so many couples e-mail me for advice on products to help spice up their sex life or to help rekindle the flame in their relationship. And I get a lot of e-mails from them thanking us for bringing the love and lust back into their lives. When couples shop together on-line it’s a great way to find out more about what their partner wants and needs, discover aspects of their partner they may not have previously known about.

The 5 most popular products bought from adultshop.com

  1. White Thunder (deluxe vibrator)
  2. Neon Red Orgasm Balls (female stimulators)
  3. Wet Stuff lubricant (270 g pump pack)
  4. Micro-tingler Love Stick (female stimulators)
  5. Koala Boy (deluxe vibrator)

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