Essential Makeup Tips For Beginners

April 11, 2014
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If you don’t really know where to start with doing your own makeup, follow these simple makeup tips and you’ll be on your way to a fresh, beautiful face for every occasion.

Start with a healthy foundation

The key to making your makeup look great is to start with a healthy foundation. Make sure your skin looks its best before applying cosmetics by washing it first. Follow with a pore refining toner, like the one by Neutrogena, and finish with a moisturiser. Use a moisturising cream with a broad spectrum SPF of at least 15 to ensure your skin will be protected from those harmful UV rays throughout the day.

One to try: Olay Complete All Day Moisturiser with Sunscreen for sensitive skin. Its light formula makes skin feel smooth without being oily or greasy.

Go for concealer

Using a concealer on certain places across your face will help provide the appearance of a more even skin tone. Dot concealer under your eyes, on your eyelids (to help your eye shadow last longer), beside your nose, and on your chin. Also use concealer on any blemishes or dark spots you’d like to minimize. Finish by blending well either with your fingertips or with a makeup sponge to make sure you eliminate any lines or thick areas. When choosing a concealer, it’s important to select one that’s a shade lighter than your natural skin tone.

One to try: CoverGirl Invisible Cream Concealer for a light but lasting product that comes in five different shades.

Set with powder

A great powder can provide further blending for your skin tone, add a touch of color, and lend a solid base for the rest of your makeup. Use either a loose powder and apply with a large powder brush or try a compact powder and apply with a makeup sponge. An important makeup tip for powders: remember to blend, blend, blend with a large, clean brush after application. There’s nothing worse than heading out the door with a thick makeup line along your jaw and hairline.

One to try: A great powder to use is Studio Fix powder by M.A.C. It wears well and blends evenly for a smooth complexion all day.

Get a cheeky glow

Add a pop of color to your cheeks with a bright blush. Powder blushes often work well for a lighter touch but the cream variety provides a rosy, dewy glow that can appear more natural. Experiment with both to see which works best for your skin type or layer a powder blush over a cream one for extra pop and long-lasting color. Use your fingers or a foundation brush to apply cream blushes and a blush brush to apply powder blushes. As always, make sure to blend thoroughly after application for a natural look.

One to try: Cremeblend Blush by M.A.C in Posey for a fresh color that compliments most skin tones.

Brighten your eyes

Finish off your simple makeup look by paying some special attention to your eyes. Use a neutral eye shadow to give your face a finished look while still keeping it understated and easy. Photo Op Eye Shadow Trio in Screen Shot by Smashbox is a fantastic blend of colors that can be used beneath the brows, along the crease, and on the eyelid. Add a quick coat or two of mascara to give your lashes extra length for a finishing touch.

One to try: Maybelline The Falsies Volum’ Express in Black Brown adds pop without looking too overdone.

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