Essential Oils For Women’s Health

August 28, 2014

Natural oils help a variety of health and skincare problems, and are suitable for men and women with even sensitive skin. Apply them onto your skin, add them into your tea and add a few drops into your meals. Here are just a few essential oils which could turn your health around.

Clary sage 


Traditionally used to ease depression, and is largely calming to the central nervous system. Only use in small doses, since it could generate a headache especially when mixed with alcohol.


Energising and destressing

Did you know that lemon oil is one of the best ways to clean toxins from almost any part of the body? Apply a few drops onto dry and cracked skin to repair and relieve the area.



A perfect way to relax after a long and stressful day, lavender is a popular ingredient for candles, incense and even face serums. The sweet-smelling aroma is also used to aid sleep for both babies and adults.


Balances oil

A sweet, floral fragrance which has been used for centuries to maintain healthy skin and nails. Geranium oil also has a calming effect – which is great for anyone going into a stressful situation.



Make your own homemade basil oil to treat nausea, morning sickness and respiratory problems. Basil is a high source of vitamin A, which helps the heart and lungs to work effectively.

Wild Orange

Balances oil

Wild orange oil has been used for years as an antidepressant since it has a very uplifting effect. Diffuse, apply directly onto the skin and even add a few drops into your cooking.



Use oil of oregano as a natural way to fight-off symptoms of a cold, soothe broken skin and even keep your digestive track healthy.

Tea tree


Effective for a variety of skin conditions including dandruff, acne and eczema.


Mood lifter

A popular ingredient traditionally used in cosmetics and incense, frankincense is also a natural antiseptic which quickly eliminates germs.


Aids digestion

Apply a few drops of ginger oil to relieve symptoms of nausea and vomiting – especially in regards to pregnancy and indigestion.

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