Essential Winter Hair Tips

July 11, 2011

Essential Winter Hair Tips

According to 3 time Australian Hairdresser of the Year Jayne Wild, of Wild Life Hair, everyone wants salon perfect hair, but who can afford to visit the hairdresser every week? There is a way to create beautiful hair at home in between salon visits without breaking the bank – iconic Sydney hair stylist, Jayne Wild reveals her essential hair tips for those of us on a budget.

Shampoo and Conditioner

“Shampoo and conditioner are extremely important as they are your essential base for perfect hair,” explains Jayne. “So if you need to cut costs, it’s best to do it with during the styling phase rather than the shampoo and conditioner.”

Jayne recommends having your stylist prescribe the best solution for you, taking into account if you have coloured hair or damaged hair: “Think of shampoo and conditioner like you would your cleanser/toner. You wouldn’t use soap on your face, and a lot of products from the supermarket and chemist contain soap/detergents, while professional products contain more of a cleansing agent.”


Treatments are not essential for everyone but are really important if you have dry, damaged, or chemically processed hair. It’s preferable to have an in-salon treatment first and then ask your stylist to recommend a take home treatment. Take advice on what you really need.


If you’re thinking about joining the colour crew remember one thing – half the time when you colour at home you’ll find yourself going to the salon to get it fixed. It’s not a good idea to use home colours from the chemist or supermarket in between salon visits as they are harsh on your hair, but you can purchase toners, semis, and colour shampoos from your salon to use at home. This will keep your colour up in between visits.

We’ll have more essential hair trips from Jayne this week!

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