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November 8, 2005

Relax with therapeutic candles

Why do we love candles so much? Nowadays we use them as diversely as enhancing the feel of a room, to blowing out on a birthday cake, to lighting for remembrance of lost loved ones as well as part of religious ceremonies. They can even be used to keep the bugs at bay for outdoor bbqs! But what is in them that make us feel so good?

First things first, how do we take care of candles. Here are some key points:
1. Make sure you let your candle burn completely. Each time you light it, let it burn until the liquid wax pool reaches the edge of the container.
2. Remember to straighten your wick and trim off the blackened wick.
3. Keeping your candle out of drafts it will burn more efficiently.
4. A burning time of approximately 20 – 30 hours (depending upon the size) ensures a long lasting scent experience. Here are some of our favourites:

L?Occitane Orange Blossom Scented Candle
L?Occitane have such an array of candles, it?s hard to choose a favourite. The L?Occitane glass candle range are elegant and perfect for those that like the minimalist look. The Orange Blossom Scented candle smells like a picnic on a spring day. It?s made from the leaves, blossom and fruit of Seville orange tree and is aimed to energise and refresh the spirit. L?Occitane candles seem to last longer and smell more vibrant because the fragrance is infused throughout the entire candle – not just through the oil that sits on the top. The result is a gorgeous fragrance from start until finish. Not cheap but definitely worth the price. Large glass candles are $34.95.

L?Occitane Green Tea with Mint
If you can?t bear to leave home without your favourite candles handy, or you want to recreate the warmth of home in a sterile hotel room, then do as Sophie Faulkner (Great Outdoors) and Sorrel Wilby (Getaway) do? take them with you! L?Occitane have a fantastic range of Home Fragrance tin candles ($22.95 100g) that have a stylish travel-friendly packaging. They come in an array of amazing scents including Clementine, Cinnamon Orange, Melissa Pear and Candied fruit? good enough to eat! The Green Tea with Mint one is so yummy you won’t want to wait until your next holiday to use it.

Jo Malone Scented Candle
“I am dedicated to creating products that challenge the senses in every environment.”?Jo Malone. Jo Malone believes the fragrance you choose for your home should be as inviting as the one you wear on your skin. That’s why she created the Home Candle?to warm any room with an evocative scent that lasts for hours. An ideal gift for both men and women, the Home Candle leaves a lingering impression of sophistication and style.

Queen B Pure Australian Beeswax Candle
Queen B candles are the only choice if you want natural yet luxurious candles. They are Australian made, hand-rolled using 100% pure Australian Beeswax and are smokeless and dripless when burnt in a draft-free area. They are well priced, 4 beeswax tapers sell for only $13.50 and the hand painted ones are a bit more at $25.00 but still well below the price of most of the overseas and imported candles on the market. If you like the candles you will love the do-it-yourself candle making kit! www.queenb.com.au

Fragonard White Flowers Perfumed Candle
Fragonard White Flowers features a delicate bouquet of jasmine, lily and honeysuckle with a mellow background including amber and bergamot scents. This fragrance represents femininity, particularly as it is contained in a gorgeous, unglazed white porcelain pot. Other fragrances include Sandalwood, Ylang-ylang, Cinnamon/Orange, Lavender, Rose Passion, Vineyard Peach, Vanilla, Brioche, Maman Ch?rie.

Diptyque’s Narcissus Candle
Diptyque began production of their lusciously fragrant candles in 1961. Now a household name and benchmark against which all other candles are measured, these French candles are the most amazing, long lasting and beautiful fragrances in the world. These wizards have fashioned an elegant candle with a typically modern unassuming daffodil scent. Springtime in French wax – this one’s a keeper.

Crabtree and Evelyn ? Lavender Calming Poured Candle
For calming, reflective atmosphere, nothing compares to the soft glow of candlelight. This aromatic lavender candle fills the room with a refreshing, clean feel. As with all of the Crabtree and Evelyn range this one doesn?t disappoint, the scent lasts well and it is possible to burn this one just for a few hours and yet the scent lingers long after you have blown it out.

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