European Men Hold The Key To Modern-Day Romance

April 8, 2014
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Coffee, flowers and subtle romantic gestures hold a special place in the hearts of Australian women, a new survey has revealed. It also highlighted the fact that four out of five females actually preferred these ‘everyday’ romantic gestures compared to big, one-off acts of affection.

The results also confirmed that European men still hold the lead in the romance stakes, with 68 per cent of Australian women rating them the most romantic nationality.

With subtle romance the order of the day, Australian men may find themselves looking to their European counterparts for advice. Hailing from Europe and in Australia to share his expert advice on romance and fantasy is Marco, the hero of the new Moccona campaign, “Wake Up To Something Special”.

“Being romantic doesn’t have to mean big acts, what’s more important are smaller, everyday gestures. Showing you know your partner, like how they take their coffee in the morning, and actually making it for them is a small thing, but it’s personal and thoughtful so it makes it more meaningful,” he said.

Coffee may not seem like the most romantic of drinks, especially when compared to a vodka martini, but a fifth of the women surveyed rated their partner bringing them their coffee to drink in bed as highly romantic, as it allowed them to savour the moment.

“The link between coffee and romance is in the idea of knowing just how your partner likes their coffee, and delivering them their perfect cup to start the day,” Marco said.

When it comes to the epitome of the modern-day fairytale, Australian women who voted in a poll on the Moccona Facebook page said that given the choice, Hugh Jackman and Simon Baker would top their list of Aussie men that they would love to serve their morning Moccona coffee.

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