Eva Longoria wants Brad’s babies but won’t marry him

April 26, 2005

Eva Longoria wants Brad’s babies but won’t marry him

Can you see her with Brad?!
Can you see her with Brad?!
Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria has said she won?t be marrying again for quite a while. The 30-year-old star married American actor Tyler Christopher when she was 26 but has told US Inside TV magazine, “I don’t think I’ll be ready to get married again until I am in my forties. Nothing has put me off marriage – other than being married already. I’m very excited about my thirties. I think it’s going to be a great time in my life.” However since the interview, she?s demonstrated her real intentions! After all the hoohah regarding Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt’s divorce, Eva was spotted shopping in Beverly Hills last week wearing a top that said, “I’ll Have Your Baby, Brad.” Now wouldn?t they be gorgeous kids!

Britney + Kevin = Keviney or Kittney?
Aaah Britney Britney Britney. Well since ?The Announcement?, gossip has been abounding over what Britney Spears and Kevin Federline will call the baby, what his ex is saying and everything else really. First things first, while fans are placing bets on what the pair will call their famous offspring, baby naming expert Sue Moss is imagining it will be ?Lynn?, named after Britney?s mother. ?Lynn is definitely up there. She’s so close to her mother that I would expect that to feature – maybe she’d use it as a middle name.” Other possibilities, according to Linda Murray of Babycenter.com include Vegas, a Hebrew name such as Miriam, or ?She might combine her name with her husband’s and come up with Keviney or Kittney.” Meanwhile, Kevin?s ex Shar Jackson doesn?t think Britney is mature enough to become a mother. “A baby is not a dog. You can’t just put it away. I don’t know if Britney realises how hard it will be.” And despite Kevin being the father of her two children, she isn?t even sure whether he?s ready, “He has told me that it is really a lot, what with a break-up, a wedding and two babies in a year.” We?ll see?

Elton John to wed
Elton John has confirmed he will marry his partner David Furnish later this year after civil partnerships become legal for gay couples. The British law will become a reality on 5th December, and the music legend and his love wish to make their partnership official as soon after as possible. “We definitely want to do it about the middle of December, probably in Windsor,” announced Elton. “But there will be no honeymoon. I’m on tour. Meeting David has been the greatest thing to happen to me. Yes, we spend a lot of time apart. It’s hard, but we make it work.” Considering his birthday bash a few years ago, this wedding is set to be the party of the year! Can we have an invite too, Elton??!

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