Eva Mendes’ Fitness And Diet Secrets

August 15, 2011

Eva Mendes’ Fitness And Diet Secrets

She’s one of the world’s most beautiful women – with a body to die for – so how does Eva Mendes do it?

While most celebrity focus on protein, the 37-year-old says she’s obsessed with carbs!

“I love bread and pasta!” the actress revealed in an interview with Zest magazine

“I focus on the inside out – so it’s all about what I’m eating, how I’m feeding my body and how much water I’m drinking. I don’t eat meat, but I eat a lot of fish and brown rice.”

And while the gorgeous star loves bread and pasta, she has a very healthy attitude to indulging in her favourite carbs.

“People are always surprised when I eat bread in restaurants! I mostly stick to wholemeal, though. When in doubt, go dark with the food – so I stay away from white pasta, white rice and white bread and that keeps things simple for me.”

And unlikes other celebrities who maintain they never have to work out to stay trim, Mendes is upfront about her gruelling gym session.

“I hit the gym three to four times a week to do light weights – not too many repetitions – which target my whole body, and some serious cardio – normally sprinting and interval running.

“The minimum I do cardio for is 35 minutes, but you can get a lot done in that time if you use it wisely. And then I spend about an hour on the weight training.”

She also balances it out with yoga.

“I also do yoga twice a week. It’s mostly ashtanga, but my yoga instructor creates a programme for me based around what I need – so if my muscles are tight from running, we’ll do poses to open everything up.”

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