Eva’s hidden tattoo

November 1, 2005

Eva’s hidden tattoo

Eva Longoria has also been flexing her creative muscles, however not in a way you might expect. She has designed a tattoo with her boyfriend?s (basketball star Tony Parker) initials on it, but is keeping mum about where it is on her body. “You can see my tatts, they’re all on public display, but the one that has Tony’s initials is only seen by him? I’m not saying where it is – but let’s just say he gets to view it on a very regular basis.” Saucy! The Desperate Housewives star has been dating Tony for a year, and she still appears smitten. “We’re heading for our first anniversary now,” she added. “He’s such a doll.” Hopefully the relationship will last the test of time: we hear those tattoo things are permanent, Eva?

Revenge of the heel
This should be a lesson for us all: Sarah Jessica Parker has torn the tendons in her foot, and guess what is to blame: the humble high heel. She confessed that she regularly runs down the street in heels: “I ran down the block a few weeks ago in these heels, just like I did for seven years, and woke up in the middle of the night in agony? And it turns out I had torn the tendons in my foot – just from running in heels. It was a little reminder that I am not 27. I’m 40 and your body simply cannot support you in the same way it used to.? The former Sex and the City won?t let this little injury get her down, though: ?I’ll never stop wearing heels!”

Alec: 1, Kim: 0
The mud slinging match has begun in the custody battle between Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger over their daughter, Ireland. In court papers obtained by a US entertainment website, Alec claims Kim needs therapy and has a “pathological need” to alienate their daughter from him. According to managing editor of TMZ.com, “Alec says Kim tried to block him from flying with their daughter because Kim said she was better able to protect her from terrorists at the airport…. Alec graduated from (New York University) but he says Kim thinks he’s not capable of helping Ireland with her fourth grade homework.” The pair divorced in 2002 after a nine year marriage.

Mary-Kate & Sienna to star together

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