Would You Ever Daily Vlog Your Life?

September 13, 2015

Chances are you haven’t heard of Judy Travis or Anna Saccone-Joly. They might not be household names just yet, but more than 1 million collective viewers log on each night to watch their daily vlogs. What is a daily vlog you ask? They are often a short 20-30 minute video about their day – whether it involves spending time with the children, attending an event or even buying furniture.

As you may have guessed, these two families are just some of the many vloggers on YouTube who are earning a 6-figure income from their daily vlogs. But the question is – would you ‘tune’ into their daily webisodes or even daily vlog your own life?

How did it start?

Both Judy Travis and Anna Saccone-Joly started making beauty videos on their own respective YouTube channels, and as their channel views grew so did personal interest from their viewers.

The act of vlogging, merely means that you’re recording your day informally – rather than creating a video which has been planned out or even sponsored. Fellow vloggers from around the world joined in this phenomenon, quit their day jobs and now live off the income they receive from YouTube, advertising and sponsored videos.

Can you build a career from YouTube?

Absolutely. Once your channel receives a certain number of subscribers (it’s typically 1000), then you can sign up to the Partner program. This means that all the content in your videos is original and only royalty-free music can be used. Now, vloggers receive income from advertisements displayed before a video starts, and even from promotion by big brands. Most recently the Saccone-Jolys have been represented by a London-based talent agency which will help them to manage their career, as well as possible business deals relating to their brand.

What’s the catch?

While the entire world of vlogging on YouTube seems too good to be true, it all comes down to hard work and dedication. If you want to create a channel, you have to be clear about your intentions, disclose when your content has been sponsored, find your own niche and be consistent with your content. As with any job, there is no fast way to success and you can’t go around buying subscribers – YouTube just doesn’t work like that. Vlogging is a daily commitment which is often more gruelling than releasing 2-3 planned videos a week. You must always be on time, and have daily content which will be edited and uploaded around the same time every single day.

What do I need for high-quality videos?

One of the most important investments is a good camera. Would you want to watch something with a blurry screen and poor audio? A camera, tripod and good lighting are just some of the best tools an up-and-coming vlogger needs to create quality videos.

Image via Seattle Met

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