7 Things You Always Wanted To Know About Getting Lip Fillers

December 19, 2016

The facts on getting a perfectly plump pout. 

If there’s one thing we’ve all learned thanks to Kylie Jenner, it’s that having big, luscious lips is a beauty trend with no sign of disappearing any time soon. In fact, after she (finally) admitted to getting fillers to achieve her infamous pout, cosmetic clinics reported a 70 per cent increase in people seeking the same treatment.

With so many people seeking out cosmetic services for a variety of reasons – from purely aesthetic to de-stressing tight muscles – and not all injectable treatments being equal, doing your research and knowing what to expect is key to achieving a successful result. So what do you need to know if you’re considering getting lip fillers? Cosmetic nurse specialist and founder of Privée Clinic, Natalie Abouchar, outlines exactly what you need to know before taking the pouty plunge…

1. Lip fillers are for everyone


While most younger people want lip fillers to pump up their lips and create a sexier pout, older women can also benefit. Abouchar explains that “lip fillers can rejuvenate the mouth area, soften lip lines, create a more crisp and defined border, and replace the volume that is lost naturally through the ageing process.”

2. Don’t fear the trout pout


The filler products out on the market today are softer and smoother to inject, which makes getting the perfect pout a lot less scary. It is still very important, however, to go to an experienced injector.

“This will make the difference between having beautiful lips and a trout pout,” Abouchar advises.

3. It’s reversible if you change your mind


In the off chance you change your mind after getting fillers or hate the result, you needn’t fear bering stuck with an imperfect smile. Modern-day fillers are actually easily reversible.

“Most of the fillers that are used these days are made from Hyaluronic Acid, which is a naturally occurring sugar found in your skin. The benefit of these products is that they can be dissolved if need be,” Abouchar explains, which is reassuring for anyone who still has any doubts.

4. You don’t have to keep getting the treatment


If you’re hesitant to get lip fillers because you’re worried if you stop getting your lips filled in, they’ll deflate and look unnatural or be left damaged, there’s no need to fear.

“The filler will naturally break down over time and your lips will just go back to their old self after approximately six to nine months,” explains Abouchar.

Exactly how long the injections last varies slightly from person to person depending on individual factors like how much volume you opt for with your injectables, and the speed of their metabolism, but most people can go six months between treatments with no issues.

5. It does hurt, but is comparable to an ant bite


While the treatment is not without pain entirely, most patients describe the initial sting as comparable to a tiny ant bite. Additionally, each injecting nurse will take their own measures to reduce this, such as icing the area and applying numbing creams.

Abouchar prefers to apply a strong topical aesthetic cream prior to injection, and the filler she uses also contains additional local aesthetic to further numb the area, so the pain factor is nearly non-existent.

6. Scary side effects are extremely rare


Unlike a number of other cosmetic procedures, there are very few side effects associated with getting lip fillers. The most common ones include slight swelling and bruising the day of and following the treatment.

Because lip fillers are easily reversible, in the rare case a patient experiences any unwanted or severe effects as a result of the treatment, it’s easy to quickly reverse. To date, there have been literally millions of lip filler treatments performed worldwide, so overall it’s regarded as a very safe and easy procedure, when in the hands of an experienced practitioner. There’s no downtime associated with getting lip fillers; you can return to work straight away. However, if you’re worried about looking a bit puffy the next day, it’s ideal to avoid having the treatment the day before a special event.

“It’s common to experience some degree of swelling in the first 24 to 48 hours, so don’t arrange any important events during the time immediately after your appointment,” recommends Abouchar.

7. Going to a pro is essential

Natalie Abouchar

The absolute number one tip and most crucial piece of advice you should take with you when you’re considering getting any kind of cosmetic treatment performed is to ensure you see a skilled professional with the right qualifications and a good portfolio of real patient before-and-after pics you can use as a reference point for weighing up your decision.

“The old saying, you get what you pay for is generally true,” warns Abouchar.

“It is not just the product you’re paying for, it’s the skill of the injector. Doing dermal filler treatments is an art form and not everyone has an eye for it, so it is very important to research who you’re going to.”

Finding a reputable cosmetic clinic with a qualified injectable nurse as opposed to heading to will ensure your lips will come out looking fabulous.

Images via Shutterstock and Privée Clinic. 

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