Excellent hairstyling kit for travel

July 20, 2009

Most women, and also sometimes men, will face a major concern that if they will have their styling tools available to create that gorgeous look they really want when planning to travel abroad. After all, people want to look and feel their best when on holiday. Here, an excellent travel hair straightener kit with purple color from getbetterlife.com can help you solve your worries. The kit comes with a GHD hair straightener, a GHD travel hair dryer and a Limited edition heat resistant purple GHD roll bag,

Hair straighteners are often said as “the girls’ best friend”. So choosing a suitable hair straightener is very important, even the famous American researcher Darla Di Grandi-Aguilera has recently said in his document 10 Great Hair Care Tips that people would better get an ionic ceramic flat iron instead of frying your hair with a conventional metal plated flat iron. Hair straighteners from getbetterlife.com are of those kinds which are not only safe and convenient, but also efficient and practical for customers. The dimensions of ceramic plates are with 25mm Width, 1 Inch Length 100mm 4 Inches. Its universal voltage feature operates from 110V to 220V by sensing the incoming voltage, making it great for travelers, also different adapters to different countries and suitable for worldwide. So it is the best choice for travelling.

A hair dyer is an important part of our daily lives. And it is important to own a perfect hair dryer, that is, ceramic hair dryer. It is simply a type of hair dryer that uses ceramic coils instead of metals used in conventional hair dryers in order to maintain stable temperature as well as a consistent dispersion of heat. In that case, the negative ions emitted by ceramic hair dryers are able to easily absorb water droplets in the hair. What’s more, a ceramic hair dryer is safer, better drying and effective in short times and help to achieve soft, shiny and smooth hair and even providing a healthy glow. Those ceramic hair dryers from getbetterlife.com are with Universal voltage feature operates from 110V to 220V by sensing the incoming voltage, making it great for travelers. What’s more, Different adapters are made for different countries and suitable for worldwide.

Most of the consumers like the Limited edition heat resistant purple GHD roll bag very much. It is very beautiful and charming. It will protect the hair straightener and hair dryer and easy to be taken with.

In a short, this hairstyling kit is excellent for both home-used and travelling. It is easy for you to own this kit, just refer to www.getbetterlife.com for best service and fast shipping.

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