Exclusive Interview with Jackie Collins Part 2

April 11, 2011

Read part 1 of our exclusive interview with Jackie Collins here!

Part 2 – Shesaid Exclusive chat with Jackie Collins.

So in part 1 of private chat with Jackie Collins she chatted about her latest book “Goddess of Vengeance”, her writing “rituals”, and her favourite characters to write about and now in Part 2 she reveals her secret new passion! A complete love of technology! Who would have thought, sexy author and Hollywood royal loves Twitter, Facebook and TIVO?

What is your latest passion?

Surprisingly to some, Jackie’s latest passions all involve social media and technology. She admits being totally addicted to Twitter (jackiejcollins) and her 43,000 fans and said she loves the instant feedback she can get from her fans plus the ability to form relationships with her loyal fans and communicate with them via Twitter.

She is also on Facebook and has another 76,000 fans that she regularly keeps up to date with. But her ultimate favourite piece of new technology is TIVO! “I think TIVO is the best invention of the last 5 years”. Big statement but from a lady that has 2 Tivo machines and 2 DVR’s in her bedroom but then I guess she is talking from experience. Being a self confessed night owl she records all her favourite shows and then watches them when she wants, often until late into the night.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Jackie devours popular culture from many sources for ideas and story lines for her books. Some of her favourite TV shows are:



Breaking Bad

Brothers and Sisters

Desperate Housewives

American Idol

Dancing with the Stars

Gossip Girl

Jersey Shores


What books do you have on your bedside table at the moment?

Chelsea Handler as she is funny and naughty at the same time.

Joseph Wambaugh novels about LA and Hollywood Cops
Michael Connelly books

What do you think the i-pad and the kindle etc mean for the future of books?

Jackie has an i-phone and an I-pad and laptop but says she prefers “the real thing” meaning paper books rather than the electronic versions of books.

What is your favourite place to visit?

Paris and the Flea Markets – I just love 2 days wandering around the Flea Markets in Paris. I do love Australia too and have been 4-5 times now and always have a really good time.

Are there things you have seen in Hollywood that you have included in your novels and are there also some things you couldn’t include?

Yes but some of the things that go on in Hollywood that I know about you could not even make up. As they say “the truth is so much stranger than fiction” and especially in Hollywood.

Shesaid Publisher Monique says: What a star! Thanks to Simon and Schuster for giving us access to such a great woman! It was like chatting to a girlfriend not a famous author – she was amazingly open and friendly, I could have chatted with Jackie for hours!

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