Exclusive Interview with Jackie Collins

April 6, 2011

Jackie Collins on Life, Love and Technology.
By Monique Talbot
Shesaid Publisher

Jacqui Collins is a world renowned author who has enthralled us all with her “racy”novels of love, lust and family relationships for years but did you know she is also a total technology junkie that loves popular culture and Australia? SheSaid Publisher Monique Talbot was “lucky” enough to score an exclusive interview with her as she promotes her latest novel “Goddess of Vengeance”.

In “Goddess of Vengeance” we see the return of Lucky Santangelo who has everything. Love. Family. Life. Sounds like Jackie Collins does too.

Jackie discussed her inspiration for her new book and revealed her deep seated passion for all social media, technology especially Twitter and TIVO plus debated her favourite authors, tv shows and music genres.

How long did it take you to write “Goddess of Vengeance”?

“Goddess of Vengeance” took 9 months to write, it was like having a baby.” She joked, “Now I am doing the promotional work to make sure that my baby gets a good start in life!” Jackie admitted that to get the book written she had to lock herself away, start early each morning, and she says she is not a morning person! The book is about Lucky, her teenage daughter, Max, and her hot son, Bobby Santangelo Stanislopolous. Jackie let’s on that many of the characters from “Poor Little Bitch Girl” are back including Denver, M.J., and even Frankie Romano!! Plus there is an interesting yet mysterious new villain.

Has your writing methods changed over the years?

“No my writing style has not changed at all. I write with a black felt tipped pen on a yellow legal pad and the words just flow from my pen. If I typed it up on a computer then I would have to think about the words. I start early in the morning and lock myself away and write.”

Jackie says her tried and tested formula for how she writes her novels is more like a “ritual” and one that she truly loves. Speaking to her, you can tell that she loves what she does and even though she has sold over 400 million copies of her books in 40 countries she still speaks about her work as if this is her first published work and something she is truly blessed to be doing. Obviously for someone like her, writing is something that she can’t imagine not being part of her life.

Who is your favourite character to write?

Lucky Santangelo is her favourite and has featured in 7 of Jackie’s novels. “Lucky does things we would love to do but don’t have the nerve to do in real life.” She took revenge on the murder of her family members and is still kicking arse in this latest novel “Goddess of Vengence”. Jackie loves Lucky’s her grit and determination and feels like they are old friends by now that have grown up together over the past few decades.

People often ask how old Lucky is and she said she answers that like James Bond, Lucky is ageless and she has no intention of killing her off anytime soon. Jackie prefers to think of Lucky more in a similar mould to Madonna or Sharon Stone.

Do you think your racy novels fill a gap in women’s everyday lives?

Jackie explained that more often than not it is men that come up to her to comment on the effect of her racy novels on their women, and it doesn’t sound like anyone is complaining to her. She commented that men say to her how much they like their wives reading her books as they usually get the sexy passages shared with them which often leads to more fun in the bedroom for the couples. so maybe she is helping marriages all over the world?

Is “Goddess of Vengeance” likely to make your readers blush?

Oh yes most definitely! Especially the elevator scene. It will have people talking and/or blushing!

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