Exercises For Better Sex

October 16, 2014

Who knew that the secret to better sex was all in your personal workout? Whether it’s uncomfortable, boring, or just sub-par, there are a number of exercises women can participate-in which will have them feeling better in no-time.

Make sure to give your muscles a good stretch before embarking on any of these workout techniques, since this will avoid any pain the next day.

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Well this shouldn’t come as any surprise! Squats are known to be a quick and effective leg and butt workout, but they can also really enhance your sex life. How? Just a few squats a day will help circulation, especially to the genitalia – sorry for the TMI! Keep your squats slow and low, since this strengthens your leg muscles, and makes it easier to avoid cramps.


If you only have time for one exercise, then this should definitely be at the top of your list. Pushups are great for both men and women since they keep your arms, legs, core muscles toned. Perfect if you need a little more endurance, switch to hand-and-toe pushups which are a little more difficult.


This one is quite self-explanatory, right? Lunges are a fantastic exercise since they can make you super-flexible in no-time! One of the best techniques is the side-lunge, which essentially means just shifting your body weight from one leg to the other.


The hinge technique is great if your back is feeling a little bit tight, and you’ve got no time to get a full body massage. All you need to do it kneel on the floor and extend your back forwards and backwards for 3 seconds at a time. This will also have you feeling far more flexible in no-time!

Pelvic tilts

Women from any age can benefit from the pelvic tilt, which strengthens the pelvic muscles, but it is also effective for women who suffer from terrible lower-back pain. Lie flat on the floor with your arms at your sides, then hold in your abdominal muscles then release.

You should feel a slight sensation in your glutes, thighs, and abdominals if you’re doing the exercise correctly.

Image via Experience Physio

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