Experience The Romance: Santorini, Greece

July 14, 2014
Santorini, Grecce, Greek Islands, Oia, Red Beach, Santo Winery, Travel, Holiday

All three of these destinations in Santorini, Greece will happily burn in your memory forever, these postcard-like sights are a must-see for travellers.

Red beach

Red Beach Santorini is unlike anything you have ever seen, the colour of the sand and surrounding cliff faces juxtaposed to the crystal blue ocean will leave you mesmerized. The famous beach is walking distance from the ancient site Akrotiri, creating a busy atmosphere, with stalls of fresh produce, clothing and hand made jewellery leading you to the red rock steps of the beach. You can admire the colourful beauty sunbaking on the sand, snorkeling in the water or on a boat taking you on a journey to another wonderful beach.

Santorini, Grecce, Greek Islands, Oia, Red Beach, Santo Winery, Travel, Holiday

Wine tasting

The most picturesque spot in Santorini would definitely be Santo Winery, the popular site is used for many weddings each year and is home to some of the best wine in Greece.  Spending an afternoon here could not be more perfect; since it’s opening in 1947 it has provided its guests with unique, award winning and high quality wines. All staff are knowledgeable and passionate about providing visitors with the best experience, this service combined with the exceptional views will leave you speechless.

Oia sunset

Santorini, Grecce, Greek Islands, Oia, Red Beach, Santo Winery, Travel, Holiday

One of the most beautiful places in the world is Oia, Santorini at sunset, the streets are filled with shops of local artwork, jewellery, souvenirs, and much more. Be sure to get to there a few hours before the sunset to enjoy some Greek Cuisine for dinner and shopping, though, the highlight of the night will be the spectacular view and atmosphere. Tourists gather every night to experience this wonder with a bottle of wine, or if you are feeling adventurous a few shots of the Greek beverage Ouzo. This romantic sunset is best viewed on the top of the cliff about 300 metres above the Aegean Sea, you will easily find where to go from signage and the mass of tourists walking along the stone steps to the prime position.

Images via pixdaus.com and media-cdn.tripadvisor.com

By Amy Miller 


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