Experience the next generation in hair straightening

April 26, 2005

Experience the next generation in hair straightening

In 2005, Remington has launched the Wet2Straight? Slim – designed for use on short to medium length, fine hair. Its slim, compact exterior makes it an essential tool for straightening close into the hairline and it?s also a great size for travel. Click here to win one of 5 Remington Wet2Straight? Slim hair straighteners!

How to use the Wet2Straight? Slim
It?s simple to use ? just towel dry freshly shampooed hair and apply styling product if desired. Whilst combing through hair to remove tangles allow 30 seconds for the Wet2Straight? Slim to heat up and you?re ready.

The first thing you notice when you use Wet2Straight? Slim is the hissss, as hair passes through the plates. This is the sound of the excess water in the hair evaporating and is not harmful to the condition of your hair. Wet2Straight? Slim locks more moisture into the hair than just allowing it to air dry.

This was established in a rigorous testing process when the Wet2Straight? was developed in the UK. As well as being tested by Remington, the Wet2Straight? was also trialled by 300 hairdressers. Most importantly, it was vetted by the School of Material Science in the University of Bath (UK) in conjunction with leading international trichologist, Tony Maleedy.

Maleedy concluded that the Wet2Straight? method of drying and straightening is far better for the hair than the normal combination of blow-drying and straightening, for the following reasons:
? Moisture ? hair that is dried and straightened using the Wet2Straight? retains twice the water content in the hair shaft than hair which is left to dry naturally, giving you softer, straighter hair
? Condition ? by eliminating the step of drying and stretching the hair, the hair remains in better condition with better shine
? Hair stress ? hair stretching is eliminated by not using a brush on wet hair, so less pressure is placed on the hair shaft
? Time ? the Wet2Straight? Slim means there is no need for a drying phase. As a result, drying time can be halved for hair enthusiasts who regularly spend up to an hour drying and straightening

All the protection you need…
The technology of the Wet2Straight? Slim offers you twice the protection of some straighteners, because of
? a Teflon coating which protects against hair damage by eliminating sticky build up
? ceramic plates which lock in moisture and prevent overdrying

The fast-acting ceramic heat element makes the unit ready to use in just 30 seconds, with up to 200? of straightening heat to dry the hair.

The Remington Wet2Straight? Slim. Experience the next generation of hair styling!

Click here to win one of 5 Remington Wet2Straight? Slim hair straighteners!

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