Expert Winter Hair Care Tips

May 9, 2011

Expert Winter Hair Care Tips

Wella System Professional Ambassador Frank Apostolopoulos shares his expert tips on caring for hair in winter.

“The best thing you can do to protect your hair from the natural and manmade elements is treatments. In winter, our exposure to indoor heating is ramped up, resulting in dehydrated hair that loses elasticity and feels rough and dry. Because heating dries out hair it really helps to use hydrating products throughout the colder months, to add moisture back into hair. The added moisture helps to bring a softness and health back to locks during winter.”

Try: Wella SP Hydrate Mask. “It’s an intensive moisturising treatment that won’t overload your hair and providing long-lasting protection from the winter weather. This is a great treatment to use in conjunction with the SP Hydrate family range,” says Frank.

Indoor Heating

Indoor heating draws moisture from the hair, leaving locks dry and lacklustre. “The dryer weather in winter can really take its toll on hair, with tresses losing natural shine that comes from having healthy locks. The Wella System Professional Hydrate range effectively moisturises hair, giving it immediate softness and
providing it with long-lasting protection from drying out,” Frank added.

Try: Wella System Professional Hydrate Shampoo, RRP $32.

Icy Temperatures and Gusty Winds

Icy temperatures and blustery winds can turn vibrant, healthy hair to dry and brittle locks. Cue Wella System Professional Repair range, specially formulated to counteract the damage caused by bitter winter weather. The Wella SP Repair range nourishes hair from the inside out, to repair and provide protection against
further damage.

Try: Wella System Professional Repair Conditioner, RRP $32.

Wet weather

Frank Apostolopoulos frequently sees the damage that wet weather can cause to hair. “The rain can wreak havoc on hair, increasing frizz and making tresses difficult to manage. It’s great that Wella System Professional have created a smoothen range which fights frizz to transform dull locks to brilliant shine.”

Try:Wella System Professional Smoothen Mask, RRP $34.

Hat hair

Rain in winter can also bring limpness to locks and the increased need for hats brings about unsightly hat hair that is typical of the winter months. Thanks to the Wella SP Volumize range, hair can remain fabulously voluminous all season.

Try: Wella System Professional Volumize Leave-in Conditioner, RRP $32.

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