5 Eye Makeup Techniques

April 1, 2001

Always wanted to know how the models have eyes to die for? Sick of ending up with smudgy black eyes by the end of a night? Follow make-up artist Charlotte’s tips and you never look like an 80’s goth again.
  1. To accentuate and heighten the colour of your eyes, choose shades that offer a contrast so the eye colour will definitely stand out.
  2. When applying eye colour you have to remember that light shades emphasise and make an area appear larger. Dark shades diminish and make an area look smaller.
  3. If you suffer from eczema or dry eyelids never use shimmer colour all over the lid.
  4. To give the appearance of thicker lashes and to enhance eye colour, dot between the root of the top lashes with a very black eye pencil.
  5. To obtain full lashes make sure you wiggle the mascara wand at the root of the lashes and work up and out. For longer lashes tilt wand down and lightly apply to full length of lash.

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