What Is Eyebrow Threading?

May 5, 2014
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You may have heard about eyebrow threading and how it’s quickly taking the place of plucking, waxing and everything in between when it comes to eyebrow maintenance. Threading is not only a less painful alternative to getting your brows waxed, but it actually last longer. A great alternative for anyone who wishes to steer away from waxes, lotions and chemicals on the surface of the skin.


Eyebrow threading originated in the Middle East, and now has quickly spread to almost everywhere around the world. Head down to your local shopping mall and there will most likely be a threading centre that promises flawless brows in minutes.


The technique starts off with cotton thread which the artist uses on each hand and loops around the thumb and index finger. The twisted thread is crossed over into an X shape and this pulls hair from the surface of the skin.


This varies for each salon, but on average will set you back between $25-35 depending on where you go. Threading lasts for 3-4 weeks until brows need to be touched up again. Although the great aspect of eyebrow threading is if you get the technique correct, you can do it yourself at home. This could take lots of patience and practice, but is a great idea if you know the shape of your eyebrows and find it quick and simple to master.

Facts and Questions

  • Eyebrow threading is ideal for anyone who suffers from sensitive skin, and wants a quick and fairly painless path to flawless brows.
  • Men can benefit from threading to keep brows looking clean and groomed.
  • Threading can be adapted to any part of the face for instant hair removal. Popular areas include above the lip, chin, and jawline for a painless tidy up.
  • Before your appointment, remove all aspects of makeup, and keep the skin clean to avoid infection.
  • Communicate with your artist about the particular shape you would prefer. A great way is to bring pictures of the eyebrows you want.
  • Redness after the procedure is a common reaction, so don’t be scared if the area is looking slightly red and tender. Apply a cooling pad to help nurse the skin back to normal.

Have you tried eyebrow threading?

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By Felicia Sapountzis

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