Facebook To Celebrate 500 Million Users Next Week

July 19, 2010

Facebook To Celebrate 500 Million Users Next Week

Facebook will celebrate its 500 millionth user next week. To celebrate, the world’s most popular social networking site will launch Facebook Stories, a website within Facebook where anyone can submit stories on how it changed their life.

Categories include ‘finding love’ and ‘natural disasters’ and if your stories gets more ‘Likes’ than any other it’ll feature on Facebook Stories. Stories will have the same character limitations as status updates, that is, 420 characters. You can submit your story here.

We use Facebook every day for so many different reasons, so we’d love to know any amazing stories that have happened to you through Facebook. Have you been reunited with long-lost friends? First loves? Have your caught anyone cheating through photos that shouldn’t have been posted? Do you love hanging out on Facebook or are you one of the few who refuse to have an account?

Facebook started in 2004 and continues to grow at a massive rate. Five months ago the site had 400 million users and the 500 million user milestone comes just before the launch of the movie, The Social Network, otherwise known as ‘that Facebook movie’.

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